jambalaya, fries, sorbet!

let me tell you the story of how we set out to spend zero dollars, and ended up spending like forty-six dollars instead. it all began with a groupon. there is this amazing gelato place in town that has 24 flavors every day: 12 of them are vegan. what what! they have a fruity case (which i think is technically sorbet) and a creamy case (gelato), and all of the sorbet is always vegan. every once in awhile, they have one soy flavor on the creamy side, but i haven’t seen that in quite awhile (boo). anyhow, this place is across town, so we don’t get to go all that often, but if we’re ever over there on a hot day, we try to make a point of visiting. well, a bunch of months ago they did a groupon (spend $5 to get $10 or something like that), and i jumped on it… and then, apparently, let it sit forever, because today was the expiration date. whoops.

so we were planning to go tonight, no matter what, and i hustled home after an evening meeting on campus so we could get to our gelato-eating… when my husband suggested that we may as well go get some dinner first. it doesn’t take much to twist my arm, but then we had to decide what to eat, because that side of town isn’t particularly vegan-friendly. we settled on maxie’s southern comfort, which is not necessarily vegan-y, but does have an entire section of the menu dedicated to vegetarian entrees, and they’re known to be relatively accommodating. i’d been there once before (a couple of years ago) and this was my husband’s first visit.

we were both interested in the same entree, so we got the same thing: the vegetarian jambalaya (which may as well be called the vegan jambalaya, because it is), which has smoked tofu, red beans, tomatoes, green peppers, pecans, spinach, and spicy rice. we also ordered the sweet potato fries to share, because all i remembered from my last visit was that i simply Would Not Shut Up about the sweet potato fries. it was a good move: they are stupid amounts of tasty.

jambalaya + sp fries

it was super super dark in there, so this is the best i could do. the portions were really large (which is good because it was kind of expensive), and i barely ate half of my jambalaya. it was flavorful without being overly spicy-hot, and the textures were nice together. i especially liked the pecans. in any event, i’m looking forward to eating the rest tomorrow for lunch.

now that we’d earned our dessert, we headed off to cold spoons to cash in our groupon. i had this bright idea where we were going to buy a couple of pre-packaged pints, head home, and call it a night. well, i guess everyone else in town had the same idea, because when we strolled in around 8.15pm there was a massive line and the freezer was completely empty. oh wells. we decided instead to get two large cups and just eat there. large cups get you three flavors each, so we sampled a total of six flavors. my husband had mandarin orange, mango, and pineapple (the pineapple was Oh Em Gee good), and i had cantaloupe, strawberry, and lime:


i spent a lot of my eating time wishing i’d gotten the pineapple instead of the lime, but in all honestly mine was pretty amazing too. their sorbet is just so creamy and fluffy, it surprises me each time. really, really good. i do wish they had soy flavors more often on the creamy side (i mean seriously–today they had caramel sea salt, cinnamon, pumpkin… come on!), but i should probably be grateful for what they do have. yum!



  1. You have so many veggie options nearby, it all sounds so good! The jambalaya looks huge and those sweet potato fries sounds great!

    And now I’m craving pineapple sorbet!

  2. we really are lucky! our town isn’t necessarily super vegan-friendly overall, but our side of town is really great. but this jambalaya place and the raw taco place (from the next post) are actually out in totally different areas of the city… so it’s nice when we have options away from our safe little bubble.

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