raw tacos

i am pretty much the furthest from a raw foods type (except by coincidence or accident), but on a recent trip to cafe manna (it was a vegan meetup, in fact!) i was curious enough to order the raw tacos. i kind of have a thing for tacos (who doesn’t?) and i wanted to check these out.

raw tacos (cafe manna)

i’m not sure how they did the shells, but they were filled with all sorts of goodness–i’m guessing some sort of nut-meat filling(?) and then beans, tomato salsa, lettuce, and cashew sour cream. they weren’t my usual tacos, but they were pretty darn good nonetheless. probably the most notable difference is that they were cold, and also the shells weren’t overly crispy… but still, i enjoyed them.

the dish also comes with a salad (vibrant!) and usually, corn chips and guacamole. they had run out of the (raw?) chips that day, so they gave me other options to choose from… one of which was roasted potatoes. i found that sort of amusing (on my raw plate), but i can’t say no to potatoes (who can?) so that’s what i picked. they were really good, especially with the guacamole.

afterward, i learned that they had a special fancy “choco-cado truffle,” and i absolutely couldn’t pass it up. it was a ginormous pile of chocolate (whipped with avocado) truffle filling, surrounded by dark chocolate, and it was big enough that i had to eat it with a fork. it was also delectable enough that i wish i could have eaten it forever. no pictures because it went down my gullet too quickly. sorry y’all.



  1. Oh, I’m so excited to see Cafe Manna mentioned! I’m from Milwaukee (West Allis actually), but live in VA now. I went to Cafe Manna with my parents when I was in town last fall. Loved it!

  2. Raw tacos surprised me, too! I’ve had them a couple of times and a vegan burrito once, even. I keep meaning to make them at home but then I forget. I even have a recipe for the “meat” in one of my raw cookbooks.

  3. I really like raw tacos and I’d like to try those and the roasted potatoes look especially good too!

    Your dessert sounds amazing and interesting, I’d never think to pair chocolate & avo!

  4. crissie, we like to go to cafe manna at least a few times a year when we’re feeling fancy… they’re a little expensive and sometimes the food can be a little hit-or-miss, but generally speaking we enjoy it! it’s a drive for us (we’re lucky to live in the heart of vegan-friendliness), but fun on occasion.

    sarajane, i have never made any raw food (i mean, not counting salad or fruit or whatever, ha ha)… but i’ve tried nut-meat fillings a couple of times recently and really liked them!

    mandee, i can’t even begin to tell you how awesome that truffle was.

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