compassionate cake

i’m going to take today’s mofo time and spend it telling you about my new friend jess, and her awesome baking and decorating skillz. to whet your appetite, let’s take a peek at these cupcakes she made for me, just because (just because she’s awesome!):

flower cupcakes

i mean, right? they’re gorgeous! jess has been baking and decorating cakes and cupcakes for years, just because she enjoys it, and she donates them all over the place. she’s amazing. she can do anything, i’m certain of it. you can check out her facebook page to see tons of pictures of her creations–i am in awe of her decorating prowess.

last weekend, she made the crazy-awesome-est sparkly unicorn cake for kelly’s 21st birthday; there’s really nothing she can’t do. it was a white chocolate cheesecake with biscoff cookie crust, you guys! i tweeted a picture so you may have seen it if you were reading my twitter feed last friday, but i’m posting it again because it’s so hilarious (although taken in a very dimly-lit bar, so i didn’t really do it justice):

sparkly unicorn cake

jess also recently scored a gig with a volunteer-run coffee shop, who now carries two flavors of her cupcakes each week. it’s on my side of town, so i am a lucky girl.



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