farmers market + lunch buffet

somehow, we’ve managed to go the entire summer without making it to a single farmers market. i’m not really sure how that happened, but there it is. all is not lost, however, because we have been blessed with a sudden showing of absolutely spectacular weather, and this weekend is the penultimate weekend of our best far-mar in town. yay!

we left our house around 10am (a perfectly respectable time for us, but in the end we regretted it just a teeny bit) and headed to the south side to check things out. the most important stop is always the east side ovens table, so we can get our delicious vegan bakery fix. after a cursory look at many other tables, we bee-lined to ESO and made our selections. unfortunately, our comparatively late start meant that the early birds all beat us to the pumpkin muffins (AND to the pumpkin walnut muffins), but there were still lots of options left for us. my husband had the cherry danish (pictured below) and a blueberry muffin (not pictured due to blurriness):

cherry danish

and i had an apple pecan muffin along with a ginger pear iced tea:

apple pecan muffin + ginger peach iced tea

and just for fun, here’s a shot of our view (and my muffin, enjoying the view) as we sat on the grass in the lovely october sun and ate our breakfast:

muffin + view

it was seriously so awesome. we had already had a couple of weeks of crappy too-early chilly weather, so we were already feeling sorry for ourselves that summer had ended too quickly, and now this past week has been gorgeous. it was great to just sit in the grass, feeling nearly-too-warm in the sun, eating vegan pastries. what a life.

later on, because we are bottomless pits, we decided to head to our favorite middle eastern restaurant and partake in the magical lunch buffet. casablanca has the best falafel in the entire world, and i also am deeply in love with their split lentil soup. i could make an entire meal out of nothing but falafel and  soup, but i always stick other things on my plate, too, just to be fair. here’s my first trip:

casablanca, plate 1

clockwise from the top we have the aforementioned soup of goddesses, the aforementioned falafel of amazingness, some super-tasty hummus, a cucumber/tomato tahini salad, a bit of garlic potatoes, and in the center is some spinach/chickpea rice. everything was fantastic, as usual. i did take a second spin through the buffet, for more soup, falafel, hummus, a different type of rice, and potatoes… and then a third trip for a small piece of their vegan baklava. and then, i was very, very full.

later in the afternoon we headed out to my dad & stepmom’s house for some family socializing, which took a backseat for about 90 minutes after my dad found an injured cooper’s hawk and we set about trying to rescue him. i posted a picture of him earlier… i’ll wait until he gets to the rehabber tomorrow to post the whole story. i hope he has a positive update and a good outcome that i can share with you!



  1. i’m glad you guys appreciated my goofy muffin with a view shot. i though it was pretty amusing.

    and oh no, sarah, you totally made me realize my typo! it’s actually a ginger PEACH iced tea, not ginger pear. derr.

  2. Ooh, those vegan baked goods look lovely, especially the Danish. And I’d love to try the lentil soup and falafel, it’s been ages since I’ve had any.

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