curry pizza (yes, curry pizza!)

let’s talk about how surprisingly delicious non-traditional pizza can be, shall we? i mean, i like regular ol’ pizza as much as the next person (my favorite slice has always been cheese + onion), but i also like trying new and interesting things on pizza when i get the chance. lucky for me, there are several places in town where i can get a pretty decent vegan pizza, and our top spot actually stocks vegan cheese and makes their own vegan sausage! aaaand they have nutritional yeast in shakers! woo!

a few years back, classic slice opened somewhat nearby, and we became instant fans. at the time, they offered vegan pies (‘mini’ pies that are comprised of four enormous slices, as well as the regular-sized options you’re used to at a pizza place), but no vegan options by-the-slice. they had a few standard vegan pies right on the menu, or you could also just build your own. their breadsticks are naturally vegan and amazing, and you can even add vegan cheese to them (which: yes). pretty much anytime we were on that side of town, we figured out a way to eat pizza.

then about a year ago, classic slice opened a second location that is much closer to our house (5-ish minutes rather than 15), and as a result, we found ourselves officially inside the Special Delivery Area Zone of a super pizza joint with vegan options. love! AND, if that weren’t exciting enough, at the new close-to-me location, you can now get vegan pizza by the slice! seriously, thrilling developments. we ate there pretty frequently before, but now that they’re even closer, we spend our fair share of dinner money there.

classic slice vegan love

i usually do some kind of build-my-own adventure, but one of their standard vegan pizzas is the anne curry, and i love it. they don’t use tomato sauce; instead they use some kind of flavorful-and-a-bit-spicy yellow curry sauce, and i never would have thought of that, but i’m really glad they did, because it’s great. they typically top the pizza with broccoli, spinach, mushrooms, tomato, and tofu, but i make mine a little differently: i hold the mushrooms and i add vegan cheese. here’s a slice i recently devoured (the slices are bigger than my head, so it was tough to fit it all in the frame, heh):

classic slice

i can’t even tell you how excited we are to have a spot on our side of town that serves vegan pizza late into the night (post-concert pizza, the best!) AND will deliver to our house if we so desire. now if only they would start experimenting with a vegan mac & cheese pizza, i could die happy.



  1. That slice is HUGE! I like the idea of curry sauce on pizza and all those veggies on top look fantastic.

    I really think I should move to your neighbourhood so keep an eye out for houses for sale, please 😉

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