an embarrassment of riches

so, i’ve already talked about the exciting development of being able to procure biscoff spread here in town (and now it’s also available at vegan essentials, so hooray for that as well!)… but hark! there is an additional option to get excited about. my friend stephanie just stumbled across this amazing-sounding spread at big lots of all places:

speculoos squared

it’s marketed as a cinnamon cookie spread, and the cookies on the label look very similar to a biscoff-style cookie, so i anticipate deliciousness. i actually haven’t had the chance to sample it yet, but i’m told it’s very similar to biscoff, although a bit crunchy. the name kind of cracks me up; it almost seems like a typo (my brain wants it to say ‘biscrisps,’ i think… but what do i know? i’m not belgian). anyhow, i’m trying to figure out some interesting and fun ways to sample them together, taste-test style. let me know if you have any ideas!



  1. How odd! This is the second MoFo post in a row that I have read that mentioned Big Lots! Anyway, both spreads look amazing! I was first introduced to Biscoff cookies at VVC and I am now sorry I know about them! Well, kind of.

  2. The best way I know how is on a spoon! I do like them on plain bread, though. Sometimes I think putting them on something that is already sweet masks the flavor.

    Speculoos sandwich…mmm.

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