pumpkin muffins all around

on friday i found myself in the rare but always-welcome position of having a totally free day. i had to take maia to day care at 1.30pm, but other than that i had absolutely zero responsibilities. i decided to spend the day lazing about, reading the internet, watching teevy, and doing a little work in the kitchen. i’d been craving pumpkin muffins ever since making pumpkin chocolate chip cupcakes a couple of weeks back, so i decided to start there.

world's best pumpkin muffins

i didn’t even know that i liked pumpkin until after i went vegan, and i credit isa with my pumpkin-y revelation. her world’s best pumpkin muffins from vegan with a vengeance were my gateway to the world of dreamy spicy autumn bliss. they seriously are the best in the entire world; they are aptly named. i’ve been known to make these muffins year-round, but i go into overdrive once it’s october and i feel like it’s really pumpkin season.

my husband and i polished off that first dozen on our own, but then yesterday i baked again for today’s staff meeting (i bake for my TAs’ birthdays), so i went for the pumpkin muffin double-header. the batter made kind of a lot, so i was able to squeeze 15 muffins out of it. woo!

world's best pumpkin muffins

they went over really well, and i have a couple left (probably not for long). oh! and i would be remiss if i neglected to tell you that the new coconut earth balance spread? is HOLY GOOD, you guys. i tasted it for the first time on these muffins, and i can’t even tell you. just go get it.


  1. I make those muffins, but I change them up a little. I use less sugar and more pumpkin. And, I give them gluten freedom, of course. They are special, for sure. My daughter’s uber picky friend will always eat them, and that is SOMETHING. That girl doesn’t even like beans!

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