thanks for nothing, whole foods

i’m dedicating this post to complaining about The Man taking things that i love away from me. i swear, this happens to me more than i care to admit, and i’ve whined about all kinds of things from toothpaste to lip balm to peppermint ritter sport to lipstick to oh who cares. coincidentally, a surprising proportion of my lifetime list of The Man complaints is cereal-related, and that’s what i plan to whine about tonight.

apple cinnamon morning o's

behold! apple cinnamon morning o’s from the whole foods 365 brand. these things are wonderful little morsels of apple-cinnamon happiness, right in your mouth. i’ve been eating them for breakfast nearly every day for at least a couple of years now, and i LOVE them. i also really enjoy a few other cereals in the same line (not only for their funny names, either): peanut butter pows, cosmic cocos (those two are great mixed together), and rainbow rings. but apple cinnamon morning o’s are my old faithful, my standby, my morning routine.

welp, awhile back my husband went grocery shopping and noticed that the entire 365 area of the cereal aisle appeared to have been through some sort of major overhaul, and a bunch of my favorites were missing, almost like they’d never existed. in their place were new flavors, newly-designed boxes, and not a single thing that resembled apple cinnamon o’s of any kind. the horror! he did some asking around, and got bad news: they were being discontinued. the poor guy probably didn’t even want to have to tell me, because he knows my track record with this kind of thing. i threw a bit of a temper tantrum, had a twitter outburst, the whole deal, whatever.

and then the next time we were in whole foods, there were suddenly 3 random boxes of apple cinnamon morning o’s on the shelf. yoink!

and then the NEXT time we were in whole foods, there were 3 more. yoink again!

we did this a few times…

cereal hoarding

and i believe we have now completely exhausted our store’s supply. so this is it: the beginning of the end. aside from the tragedy of losing my apple cinnamon babies, there also appears to be absolutely no sign of rainbow rings or cosmic cocos (not even any exciting surprise hoarding boxes). i’m not sure exactly what’s up with the peanut butter pows. those might be sticking around. in any case, i’m super duper irritated, and i have no idea what my new morning cereal will be, since they stole not only my favorite, but my runner up AND my honorable mention. i’m pretty mad at you, whole foods.

apple cinnamon morning o's

i will miss you, sweet little friend.



  1. I get annoyed when products I like are discontinued too, I’d be mega upset if the only gf muesli I like stopped being made 😦

    I LOVE that you’ve stockpiled your apple cinnamon rings, good thinking!

  2. I also hate discontinued products! I know, there is more to life and bigger things to worry about blah de blah buuuuuut still grates my twig!

    Savour every bite of those cinnamon rings!

  3. these are my favorite too, and they seemed extremely popular. did you do any sleuthing to find out WHY they were discontinued and what we can do to get them back?

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