vegan anniversary lunch

today i celebrated seven years of veganism, woo hoo! more about that later, but for now i’m down to the wire on a mofo post, so let’s talk food, shall we?

my husband was in meetings a big chunk of the day, but eventually he came home and we decided to go out for a late lunch to bask in my seven years of veganity. i had looked online and beans & barley had an amazing-sounding soup today (pumpkin peanut), so that’s where we headed.

the joke was on me, though, because by the time we got there, they had sold out of the soup. sad trombone! in its place, they were offering curried cauliflower soup, and that sounded pretty good as well, so i gave it a whirl:

curried cauliflower soup

it was flavorful and slightly spicy, with lots of veggies and even some chickpeas. not what i was expecting, but i’d definitely have it again. (i hope i get to try the pumpkin peanut at some point, too!) next up, i ordered one of my standard all-time favorites, their black bean burrito. i tried to cut it so you’d be able to see the guts, but it tore so it looks kind of funky. oh wells:

black bean burrito

black beans, rice, guacamole, and some pico, wrapped up in a tortilla and grilled for just a bit… served with chips and a really great salsa. LOVE this burrito. then, of course, we had to have some dessert… what is a celebration without cake?

chocolate peanut butter cake

this is the chocolate peanut butter cake i’ve mentioned previously, and it did not disappoint. by this time it was getting stormy and weird outside, so the lighting is pretty freaky, but the cake is amazing so i need to share it anyway. oh, so delicious. definitely a tasty way to ring in seven years.



  1. Oh no, even I wanted to try the pumpkin peanut soup but the curried cauli looks good too. And that cake, it’s to tall, what a great way to celebrate!

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