seven years

it’s technically the next day as i write this, but i haven’t gone to bed yet so in my mind, it’s still october 13th. and that’s my vegan anniversary! this year i am celebrating seven years of being blissfully, head-over-heels vegan. in some ways it feels much longer, and in other ways i can’t believe it’s already been seven years.

we celebrated by going out to lunch at one of our favorite spots, and i have a feeling i might try to extend the celebration a little over the course of the next few days, if i can get away with it. if i can score an extra cupcake here and there, what’s the harm, am i right?

this past year has been perhaps my easiest and most comfortable of the seven, because somewhere in there my husband went vegan, too. i’m not actually sure when he flipped the switch (he’s a sneaky one), but i think it was over a year ago already(!) which is kind of amazing. anyhow, i’d be lying if i said it didn’t make me over-the-moon happy, and that i feel really good about us “being on the same team” in this respect. we tend not to talk about it all that much, but i think he knows how i feel. or at least he does now, because he reads this crap. *waves*

the past twelve months have also included a gorgeous snuggly pile of new vegan friends (as well as some reconnecting with old friends from the days of yore), a couple of trips to vegan fantasy lands (i.e., austin and portland), and my discovery of trader joe’s sea salt & turbinado sugar dark chocolate almonds. all in all, a wonderful year. thanks, veganism. you rock.

and, as is my custom… big ups to ryan at vegblog, who is my vegan wonder twin. we went vegan on the very same day, before we even knew each other. holler!



    1. perfect name, for sure. i’m planning to do a mofo post about them eventually. i think i’ll have to buy a new carton first, because i kind of eated this one already.

  1. Happy Veganiversary!
    that is wonderful. It’s inspiring to read about your husband going vegan.
    I don’t pressure my husband or anything but it’d be a lie if I said I didn’t have a secret wish that one day we’d both be vegan^^

    again, congrats!

  2. OK – do you want yet another crazy ass coincidence piled upon the many we’ve already had?

    This year, my wife went full-on vegan as well. AND I DIDN’T REALIZE SHE’D DONE IT UNTIL A MONTH OR SO AFTER THE FACT.

    This is getting scary, Lindsay.

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