more white frosting pictures, anyone?

so, my last mofo post featured a giant picture of a white-frosted cupcake, and now this one includes a picture of 18 white-frosted cupcakes. can i pick compelling subjects or what?

little soldiers

so… these guys were actually what screwed up my amazing and fantastic mofo streak. boooo! allow me to explain.

on saturday we spent a big chunk of the late morning/early afternoon at the annual fundraising event for our greyhound group, the “greyhound gala” (air quotes because it involves neither formalwear nor fancy appetizers). maia got to smell at least 89 greyhound butts, she got a high-priced charity nail trim, she got a gorgeous fancy new fleece coat, and she got to run in the always-entertaining radar run, which is essentially a fenced-in corral where a greyhound waits at one end, their person runs to the other end, and then we make a huge fuss (with a squawker and a radar gun) to get them to run the length of the corral, and we find out how fast they are. most greyhounds think this is the Most Fun EVAR, but some of them hilariously just amble on down as slow as you please, and this year the guy two ahead of maia stopped to take a giant poop during his “run.” awesome. anyhow, she had an absolute blast, although she got a little confused and slowed up toward the end, then wandered sort of between us without getting too close, turned around, and zoomed just as quickly back to the start. hilarious, maia, real class clown stuff there.

anyhow, she was clocked at 29 mph, which is not the fastest by any means, but definitely no slouch. she’s only done the run one other time, the first year we had her (three octobers ago), and then she ran 35 mph. after all that excitement, she was super duper tired, and she came home and conked on her bed.

sleepy maia

meanwhile, we were plotting to get some delicious food from chicago’s vegan food truck (ste martaen), who are generous enough to venture north now and again to feed the grateful vegans of our fair city. we loaded up on food (chicago cheesesteak + bbq wings for my husband, chik’n pita + mac & cheese for me) and headed back to our house to eat, and i didn’t get pictures of anything except this bite of creamy mac:

ste martaen mac & cheese

by then, it was something like 3.30pm and we were gearing up for a lunch par-tay the next day. we were hosting my family to celebrate my brother-in-law’s birthday, but we still needed to clean and grocery shop and cook and bake, and before you knew it, it was 12.17am and i was putting cupcakes out to cool… and i realized that meant i’d missed my mofo for the day. curses! i was pretty bummed, but i forged ahead and made the frosting and decided to get over it. so up top there you can see the little punks: i made a dozen carrot cake cupcakes (from the carrot cake recipe in how it all vegan), and a dozen chocolate cupcakes (from vegan cupcakes take over the world), and then a mega-batch of vegan cream cheese frosting (from kittee!) to frost everything… and i still have enough left over that i plan to make more cupcakes this week. yay!

so there you have it: how my saturday got a little out of control and ruined my mofo streak. then sunday happened (including a giant lasagna feast made by my husband, the aforementioned cupcakes, and so on) and i got a little lazy. but now i’m back on track. yes sir or ma’am! i will finish strong!



  1. I was going to comment saying that there’s nothing more compelling than frosting discussion/frosting photographs but then I got to your dog. Oh man, sleepy Maia is the cutest thing I’ve seen on the internet so far today.

  2. Maia is adorable and I love that all you greyhound owners get together to socialise 🙂

    I carrot cake cupcakes so I approve of your cupcake-filled posts!

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