cheezish macaroni, the best in the universe

okay, i just did a search on my own blog and realized that i have apparently never blogged specifically about the wonder of cheezish. i am flabbergasted. how is this even possible? anyone who knows me in person (and even a bunch of people who don’t) know that it’s like my favorite thing in the entire world, so how have i never blogged about it? yikes, i’m slipping.

so, i love mac & cheese. like, LOVE IT love it. i think kristen and i could have a really good time planning some kind of mac & cheese-inspired road trip, is what i’m saying. anytime i see a new vegan mac & cheese on the menu anywhere, it is automatically what i’m ordering. mac & cheese is love.

i have always been partial to the stove-top style rather than the oven-baked style. i was raised on kraft, what can i say? i’m not fussy about what i eat, i love it all, but my preference is for a very smooth, slightly tangy, a little orange-y, bowl of mac. behold, the amazing, the beautiful, the insanely delicious, cheezish macaroni:

cheezish macaroni

this recipe was created by my dear friend summer and can be found in her adorable cookbook, the glad cow cookbook. it’s slim and accessible and packed with a bunch of great recipes i return to again and again… but none more than cheezish. ❤

this stuff is magical, you guys. it has pimentos (or roasted red peppers, if you’re greedy like me and want to make bigger batches and buy larger jars) and nooch and tahini and lemon juice and a wee bit of hot sauce, and i love it so much that these days, i can never stand to make only one batch–i make two at a time, then freeze half for a future cheezish emergency. this is my ultimate comfort food, what i always want to make when i find myself with a lazy couch day, what i always crave when i’m feeling sorry for myself. perfect color, perfect texture, ridiculously perfect taste. let’s look at some more pictures, shall we? we shall!

gladcow's cheezish close-up!

i usually like to make it with those squirrely squiggles (cavatappi), but sometimes i make it with shells or rotini, if i can’t find the others. anything that gets the cheezish sauce to my mouth is a winner in my book. i love this picture because you can see the sauce just pooling in the shells. yum. let’s see another one!

gladcow's cheezish!

i mean, you get it, right? it’s sublime. i want to eat it every day. buy summer’s book! i guarantee it’s worth it just for the cheezish alone (but also check out her recipe for dip, an awesome oven-baked mexican chip-dipping extravaganza… and i am also a huge fan of her scones). oh cheezish, i’m so sorry i’ve been lax in making my love for you all official, blog-style. i hope you can forgive me.



  1. I’m curious to try this. I’ve always had a soft spot for the el cheapo macaroni and cheese, too. Or as they call it in Canada, Kraft Dinner. It took me a while to figure out what the heck that was when I moved up here. haha

  2. Mandee, I ship internationally, but it’s not very clear on the site. International shipping takes a little longer, is all.

    Linds… I am verklempt. And so touched. Thank you! Cheezish for everyone!!

    For those who like the baked variety, there is a version of Cheezish like that in my upcoming book.

  3. I love my Glad Cow Cookbook! How have I skipped over this recipe? It’s going in my weekend plans for sure. Especially now that I know it freezes ok. 😀


    1. oh hooray! i’m sure you’ll love it. and it definitely freezes okay–i just double the entire sauce recipe (minus the earth balance) and freeze half of it… then i let it thaw when i’m ready, heat it up & add the earth balance, and away we go. super easy.

  4. I just want you to know that I LOVE mac and cheese about as much as you do, I think, and I miss, miss, miss the boxed kind I had as a kiddo. So I bought the book because I couldn’t help myself! Your pictures looked so amazing that I HAD to have it!! I haven’t made anything from it yet, but after Thanksgiving this mac madness is first on my list! Thank you!! =) -Sarah

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