chocolate chip banana bread

this morning, before i even had breakfast, my beloved michelle got me all excited about hummus with her simple little tweet. i decided to eat my bowl of apple cinnamon morning o’s as planned, but decided to aim for hummus as second breakfast. i was pretty excited about it, too, but then my husband magically appeared out of thin air with some freshly-baked banana bread. hummus postponed!

veganomicon banana bread, revised

oooh, pretty, right? his go-to recipe is the lower-fat banana bread from veganomicon, but he makes a few adjustments (he likes to make things his own, har har). he cuts the oil and the sugar in half, and he replaces one-fourth of the flour with ground flax. then, he adds chocolate chips (“that’s where all the fat and sugar come back,” he says). he always makes a double-batch, so we get to eat it for a few days. this time, he even used fancypants home-made applesauce in the recipe (made by my sister). it was super-delicious, as always.

veganomicon banana bread, revised

yum, you can even see the melty chocolate chips. warm banana bread right from the oven is pretty awesome, i have to say. but it’s been a couple of hours now, and i think i might finally be ready for some hummus…



  1. That’s my go to banana bread recipe too! I always add chocolate chips when I make it into muffins but never in the bread…I don’t really know why!

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