it’s here! it’s here! pumpkin silk is here!

okay, how awesome is my husband? he’s pretty awesome. and here’s the proof: this is what greeted me tonight when i opened the refrigerator:

pumpkin silk hoarding

can i get an amen? pumpkin silk has hit the stores, which means it’s officially pumpkin chai season. woo! i love pumpkin silk season, and i love snuggly autumn chai. tomorrow morning will be the first one of the year, and i can’t wait. i feel like it arrived early this year… it seems like i usually whine early in november about not being able to find it yet, so hooray for small favors. pumpkin silk almost makes up for the fact that canada stole all of our chocolate peppermint vitasoy. almost.

while we’re talking about things that make me feel all warm and snuggly, i’ll present this adorable picture without comment (mostly because i took the picture in secret and i hope i don’t get in trouble):

sleepy kitteh




  1. I want a pumpkin chai! Do you just brew the tea and then add the milk? What are the special things that I should know to make it extra awesome? (I’m totally going to WF today to get some!)

    1. i am a lazy chai-maker, so i just use a concentrate (my go-to is oregon chai vegan original, in the teal box) and then make it as a latte with light plain soymilk. in fall i substitute with pumpkin soymilk instead. šŸ™‚ you might want to play with the ratio a bit, because the pumpkin is a lot sweeter/stronger than plain… so for instance if i’m making 16oz of chai, i use about 10oz of chai concentrate & 6oz of soymilk. but that’s just personal preference!

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