the TLT deluxe

for a person who has historically avoided tomatoes like the plague (i love tomato sauce, ketchup, salsa, and all kinds of tomato-y things, just not Actual Tomatoes), and who has never actually eaten “real” bacon in her life, i have become weirdly obsessed with vegan BLTs over the past several months. i really, really like them, and so i keep trying them at restaurants when i see them on the menu. today, my husband decided to whip some up for lunch, and they were delicious!

the TLT deluxe

these weren’t standard TLTs so much as they were TbsTs with extra fixings, but, you know, same diff. on the left, we have vegenaise, baby spinach, and pretty yellow tomatoes straight from our garden… and on the right, avocado and tempeh bacon. the bread is toasted, which he must have done in some fancy-pants griddle-based fashion, because we got rid of our toaster when we moved to this house and we keep forgetting to buy a new one. anyhow, this little sandwich was super tasty. i would definitely eat another one, given the option.



  1. The tempeh bacon is interesting! I’ve been wanting to try making that at some point. It looks beetrootish which is kinda off-putting but that could be me being fussy – like you and tomatoes thats me and beetroots! πŸ™‚

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