more sandwiches!

the TLT deluxe went over pretty well, so let’s see what else i have in my sandwich stash, how’s that?

first off, let’s take a peek at this ‘faux boy’ sandwich from palomino bar. it’s made with blackened seitan, remoulade, lettuce, and tomato. i’ve been told that the seitan at palomino can be rather hit or miss (i guess it depends on who’s making it), but i’ve ordered this sandwich twice and it’s been delicious both times, so yay for me:

faux boy + tots (palomino)

really this post is supposed to be about sandwiches, but i would be remiss if i didn’t spotlight the tots. palomino is known for their tots — they have a dedicated vegan deep fryer, for pete’s sake — and these things are like manna from heaven. with any sandwich you get to order two sides, and i always, ALWAYS get the tots. more recently they’ve added sweet potato tots(!) to their roster, so now for my two sides i get regular tots + sweet potato tots. you also get one dipping sauce, and i always order the vegan ranch. i never even cared about ranch dressing in the pregan days, but i heard such amazing things about palomino’s vegan ranch that i decided to give it a spin, and it did not disappoint. i have to say, whenever i go to palomino, for me it’s really about tots and ranch. the sandwich is secondary.

okay, what’s next? well, the husband and i decided to order out the other night, and as i mentioned recently elsewhere, our go-to for take-out is always the riverwest coop cafe. my husband ordered the reuben, which is marinated tempeh, sauerkraut, mozz teese, and thousand island dressing on rye (with chips!):

tempeh reuben

and i ordered the chix fried tofu sandwich, which consists of a yummy local herbed tofu that is seasoned & deep-fried, then slathered with vegenaise and piled high high with baby spinach, tomatoes, and onions (also with chips!):

chix fried tofu sandwich

and, because we have absolutely no willpower once we walk into that joint, we also loaded up on extras (large container of mac & trees for me, small container of mexi-slaw for my husband, a big ol’ chocolate chip cookie for each of us, and a raisin bran muffin for my husband):

and all the rest!

the food was phenomenal, as always. i saved my mac & trees for lunch a couple of days later (today!), but the rest of that stuff was devoured pretty much on the spot.



  1. Oh my goodness, so much goodness, I don’t know where to start!

    I really want to find a place that does vegan tots in potato + sweet potato! And I would like a bite of each sandwich and I think I’ll steal your container of mac n trees too 😉

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