eating chocolate over a bucket

it’s the last day of vegan mofo, and i’m going out in style, eating chocolate over a bucket for you people. i don’t remember exactly how this phrase started in my house, or exactly what i was eating… but at some point my husband brought me some of my chocolate stash to eat on the couch while we were watching teevy, and i became acutely aware that i was sitting there eating chocolate over a plastic tub. (bucket sounds funnier, though, so that’s what i said, and it stuck.) i have no shame, and now i’m going to share two of my favorite chocolates to eat over a bucket.

first up, my newest obsession, the one that rudely shoved the trader joe’s rocky road squares aside and latched onto my heart: trader joe’s sea salt & turbinado sugar dark chocolate almonds. these things are dangerous, you guys.

trader joe's magic almonds

once i have a tub in my house, it’s just downhill from there. i can tell myself “just one little handful” but 20 minutes later, i’m back in the kitchen grabbing some more. and if i take the whole tub with me? oh boy. these little guys are everything you might possibly want: sweet, salty, crunchy, creamy, GAH they are so good!! i wanted to take a picture so you could see what they look like, but then i learned that it’s really hard to photograph them on macro in a dark kitchen without making them look a little like baby falafels, or worse, a pile of some kind of animal pewps. oh well, power through, here they are:

trader joe's magic almonds

for the uninitiated: they are roasted almonds, dunked in a hearty serving of dark chocolate, and then somehow rolled in salt and sugar. they’re off the chain. they’re super addictive. they are the best thing ever, and they’re only like $3 a tub at trader joe’s. i mean, come on. get in mah belly!

our runner up this evening is a relatively new discovery! my husband scouted these out for me at whole foods, from a giant display i honestly wouldn’t have checked myself because i tend to assume that giant displays of chocolate candy are generally not vegan. my husband, though, is not so jaded (or is it lazy?), and he plucked these out for me:

vegan peppermint patties

and how do they taste? pretty much these are the non-gelatin version of the york peppermint pattie that you’ve been missing. they’re both smaller and thicker, but the flavor is really close, as far as i remember it, to the mini-yorks i used to eat constantly as a vegetarian (before i realized they had gelatin in them, doy). here’s a look at the innards:

vegan peppermint patties

the chocolate is dark but still sweet, and the filling is really quite minty. if i have a lot of restraint, i can actually make one of these last with a few separate bites. i haven’t had chocolate mint patties at my beck and call in years and years, but these guys are doing a great job of making up for it. super yum! if you have a whole foods near you, keep an eye out for this confectious brand and make sure you grab the dark chocolate version.

let the eating over a bucket commence! and thanks for a super fun month!



  1. Oh my goodness Lindsay they look so nice! I can’t have mint, but it still looks delicious! And the almonds! I could run there grab them and swim back just to have chocolate over a bucket! YUM! Good on you!

    I think everyone who did VeganMOFO should all meet up in Hawaii for a well earned holiday! Some 5 star vegan hotel should have a water view and pamper us for a week! That’s what I’m thinking! 🙂

    Take care lovely & see you on twitter (and duh your blog is RSS’ed lol)
    Savannah xox

  2. Hi, I went to get those almonds, which look amazing! (I was perusing the archives of your blog when I stumbled upon it last night) and I don’t think they are vegan – it looks like they have milk in them, if I checked the label properly 😦

    1. hi sarah! i just went and checked my bucket 😉 in the kitchen and they don’t have any milk. they are, however, made on shared equipment, so if you avoid products that aren’t made on dedicated vegan equipment, then yep, you’d want to avoid these. as far as ingredients go, though, they’re safe! (whew!)

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