oh hai

hey there! happy new year! it looks like i sort of fell off the face of the earth again. i do that sometimes.

i hereby resolve to stop being weird and just post already. i have lots of random things to talk about, like a speculoos-three-ways pepsi challenge (yet to be held, but will definitely occur in my kitchen), and a bunch of new LUSH products i just got for christmas (yay!), and the insane amount of soda i’ve been drinking (insane for me, anyway), and maybe even some stuff about nail polish, why not? i just keep stashing these ideas in my head and not actually writing about them, so i will make a better effort to knock that off. starting later today, even. (oooh, accountability!)

meanwhile i will tell you that i just finished an extremely brief winter break (as university breaks go), and i have embarked upon a totally insane schedule of teaching every single day for 2.5 weeks in an effort to bestow 3 credits on my students and a nervous breakdown on myself (not really). while i’m doing that, i’ll be prepping a brand-new graduate course to be taught in spring (read: three weeks from now), so i have my work cut out for me. the good news is, i prepped a new grad course last winter break, and i lived to tell the tale, so i think i can do it. i wasn’t teaching the winter session then, but i WAS selling a house and buying a house and moving, so it probably works out about even. wish me luck!



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