so here’s the thing

teaching winterim ate my last three weeks and now i have something like two days to get my shiz together for spring semester, which starts on monday. except that also during those two days, i have to grade 19 six-page papers and grade 19 exams and figure 19 participation grades and sleep and eat and maybe watch just a little tiny bit of teevy? and also perhaps have a little tiny breakdown. i am not in panic mode yet, but i trust it will come.

for my undergrad class, i’m almost ready, because i had a productivity burst right at the end of fall semester and i worked ahead a bunch. the big task that remains is to create the course calendar, which involves scheduling what happens during each lecture and discussion for the whole semester, and then going back to the beginning and slating in what happens in each of the four stand-alone sections as well. it’s kind of a puzzle and i put it off because it’s a little crazy-making, but it always sorts itself out in the end. so i really need to do that. maybe i’ll start working on that while my winterim class takes their final tomorrow.

but for my grad class… sooooo sooooo much to do. i have a title, a working list of topics i’d like to cover, and a potential book or two we might use. that’s better than nothing, but i’d say i’m about 14% of the way there. i need to finalize my topic list, seriously hustle when it comes to selecting readings, and let the students know if we’re going to use any books (so they can order them in time). i did this last winter as well, in about a week, and now i’m cutting it really close (my seminar meets next thursday). i think the only reason i’m not in full-on meltdown mode is because i’m clinging to the fact that i pulled this off last year. here’s hoping i have it in me again. blerg.



  1. Good luck! Sound like the kind of thing I’d do, and then swear to never procrastinate again, only to repeat the cycle over and over. I hate the feeling – the stress, the dread, etc – that goes along with having procrastinated, yet…I keep doing it.

  2. yeah, that’s kind of my jam, too. but this time it wasn’t even so much about procrastinating as it was about having every spare moment of break eaten up by this winterim class. it was like it was suddenly january 19th and i had no idea how it happened. oh wells.

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