pomegranate licorice

pomegranate licorice

i had no idea that newman’s own made licorice, did you? i’m not sure if this is a new development, or if i’ve just been hiding under a rock. today i went to a brand-new store on our campus, which aims to offer natural, minimally processed foods. they just opened two days ago, and the little news blurb they put out included a photograph of a case full of zevia flavors (love.), so i was really curious about what vegan goods they might have to offer.

my husband and i had a brief break between meetings this afternoon, so we wandered over to check it out. it’s small, but they have a pretty good variety of snacks (including frozen dinners and microwaveable soups, etc.) and a bunch of it is vegan (yay!). they have practically an entire aisle of clif and luna bars, and they have a lovely selection of newman’s own cookies. they also have fresh falafel, pita, and tahini sauce in the refrigerated case, which is great! anyhow, i digress.

in my quest to throw them a little business, i was browsing for something i hadn’t tried before, and i found an entire display of newman’s own licorice. they had four flavors: black (i am not a fan), strawberry (the ol’ standard), tangerine (interesting choice), and pomegranate (also unique). on the shelf above that, they also had a bunch of sour flavors. i didn’t make a note of what all they had, because i’m not sure i’m a sour licorice person. anyhow, we decided to give the pomegranate a spin, and i also bought a cream zevia because i had never tried that flavor.

the licorice smelled wonderful as soon as i opened the package, so we were off to a good start. we ate most of the pack on our walk back to our building, and we both liked it a lot. it’s a little more ‘natural-tasting’ than twizzlers, as you might expect. the pomegranate is an interesting twist, too… basically it’s fancy licorice in a cute little snack-size package. i’d definitely eat it again, and i’d like to try the strawberry sometime.



  1. I love the strawberry! I’ve had the tangerine too, which was good but the strawberry was better. I need to put this on my health food store shopping list for the weekend. (I only buy unhealthy things there ;).

  2. They’re very soft and have a light, easy chew. They’re not dense at all and have a tart and sweet blueberry flavor. Because of the wheat flour in there, there’s more snack satisfaction going on than candy. They’re satisfying but also feel more like little cookies than a licorice chew. The molasses keeps them from being too sweet, though the licorice extract does give it a little bit of a lighter tea-like sweetness than a straight sugar candy might have.

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