okay, i have no idea what on earth took me so long to try these, but i am sorely regretting all of that lost cocomel-eating time right now. they’re amazing! (i know, i know, a lot of you are saying “well, no duh” right now, and rolling your eyes at me)

my husband and i were at vegan essentials the other day, and while we were technically there on a dog food run, i can never help browsing once i’m there. my husband has only ever been there once before, so he’s even more interested in browsing than i am… so browse we did! while wandering, i saw a bunch of different bags and boxes of cocomels, and something clicked. i remembered hearing about them in various places, and so i pointed them out to e, who is a big caramel fan. he was game to try some, so i stood around forever trying to decide until we finally just grabbed the variety pack. it includes 12 pieces: 3 each of original, vanilla, fleur de sel, and java (which i made e promise to eat because i hate coffee-flavored-anything). and, because i absolutely couldn’t help myself, i also grabbed a box of chocolate-covered chai spice cocomels… it comes in an adorable be-ribboned four-pack, like truffles.

i think we lasted a day before we tore into them, and once we started there was almost no stopping us. we ate half the bag in one go, until i forced us to put it back in the kitchen (we ate the other half the following day). these things are DELICIOUS. they’re chewy yet creamy, buttery, delicately flavored, and everything i ever liked about caramel but didn’t realize i missed so much. seriously, i think i could eat my weight in cocomels. e loved them, too, so i’m pretty sure i’ll be picking up some more when i’m at vegan essentials again. it’s probably a blessing they aren’t available at our co-op, because yikes.

i only tried 3 of the flavors (i had 2 each), and e ate all 3 pieces of java, plus 1 each of the other flavors (we are nothing if not fair). i honestly can’t tell you what my favorite was, because they were all fantastic. if you haven’t tried them yet, please do yourself a favor and figure out a way.

i still have the cute little box of chai cocomels on the kitchen counter — i’m a little afraid to open it because i’ll probably want to eat them all once i start. i’ll check back in once i gather up my courage, and let you know how it went.



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