the beginning of the end

remember when i was a big whiny baby who hated whole foods for discontinuing all the best cereals? if not, allow me to jog your memory right here. yep, they gave the ol’ heave-ho to their apple cinnamon morning o’s, cosmic cocos, and rainbow rings. jerkfaces galore, i tell you. well anyway, i am here to tell you that i made that hoarded stash of apple cinnamon morning o’s last FOREVAH, and just today i opened the very last box. *sniff* it’s totally expired and everything, but i will savor each morsel because i’ll never eat them again.

apple cinnamon morning o's

i have complained many a time about The Man taking my awesome favorite products away, and in looking back at 2012, i realized i had to give up a whole bunch of stuff. perhaps i shall prepare a proper rant.


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