chicago diner, logan square

okay, so before i back up and tell you all the stuff that’s been going on over the past year, i’m going to jump in and tell you what i did today; sound good? today we had to drive down to o’hare to pick up my mom and uncle, returning from a lovely two-week vacay in the UK (rhyme-y!)… so of course we decided to figure out a way to eat at the diner on the same trip. OF COURSE.

we hadn’t been to the new logan square location yet, and we’d been wanting to check it out anyway; when we learned it was slightly more convenient airport-wise, that sealed the deal. off on a new adventure! we found the place pretty easily, and struggled to find street parking at first, but then a spot opened up directly across the street. yippee!

chicago diner logan square

the new place is super adorbs and very cozy. there’s more room than the halsted dining room, and due to some stroke of positively amazing luck, we had zero wait on a saturday at lunchtime. we were astounded, but happily so.

they have a bunch of new (to us) items on the menu, so we decided to branch out a bit. we ordered the vegan poutine(!!) which was amazing, although i forgot to take a picture. the standard version comes with (insanely delicious) gravy, melted teese (zomg that just tried to autocorrect to “geese”), and green onions. you can add sour cream, seitan bacon, and/or jalapenos if you like, but we stayed with the standard issue poutine. carby creamy goodness.

for lunch, i had the flautas with guacamole (i can’t say enough yum about these), and erik had the titanic BLT burger with a side of sweet potato fries. i first tried the flautas last fall after chicago vegan mania, and i fell in love… they did not disappoint on the second round either.

chicago diner flautas

titantic BLT burger

after we polished that off, the server tried to give us our check, and we were like DESSERT PLZ THX, and she obliged. erik ordered the raspberry mocha cheezecake, and i was trying to decide on which shake to try when the server offered up her favorite: a frankenstein mashup of half-chocolate, half-strawberry. that sounded just fine to me, so i took her advice and ordered it.

raspberry mocha cheezecake

chocolate strawberry shake

we took our sweet sweet time with dessert, partly because we had a nice cushion before we needed to be at o’hare, and partly because we were dying of too much delicious nomz. eventually we made our way over to the airport, where i decided to wander around this little “garden” (i use the term loosely) with a dual-walkway made of small square stones. they took a lot of concentration to walk on without turning an ankle, and it was perfect for letting my massive food baby settle before heading back up to milwaukee. i walked in slow circles for about 30 minutes, and that did the trick.

chicago ohare meditation


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