public shaming

so, this week is vida vegan con in portland, and i had every intention of going, until i realized several weeks ago that it just wasn’t going to happen this time. i’m pretty bummed about it, because it means i’m missing a lot of super-awesome people, and amazing talks, and delicious food… so i’m burying myself in the #vvc2013 hashtag on twitter, and drooling over everyone’s instagram snaps, and feeling alternately happy and sad and envious and nostalgic. womp womp.

but then i realized, i kind of don’t even deserve to be there, considering i have blogged precisely TWICE in the past entire YEAR. let’s just let that sink in for a moment, shall we?

so, for realsies this time, i need to remedy that. truth be told, i have plenty of material to babble on about, and i could probably use the healthy outlet of talking freely among fellow vegans. i have new obsessions and new frustrations and just random jibber-jabber to share! and holy moly do i have tons of pictures i could be narrating. pictures like this one of my adorable maia-dog!


i mean, look at that face! she’s waiting for me to get going and write some blog posts, amirite? i guess i’d better hop to it. hopefully some of you are still out there, and i won’t just be rambling all by my lonesome. holler at your girl.



  1. Haha, twins! I too couldn’t make it this year, and have been dually shamed/enticed back into blogging- I’ll do it tonight, I swear! Here’s to diving back in.

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