vegan twin powers, activate!

i mentioned in my previous post that i’d be getting back to you about our Special Guest Star during our adventures in vegas… and today is the day, you lucky peeps!

if you are a long-time reader, you may recall somewhere in the dusty corners of your memory that i share a vegan anniversary with ryan of vegblog. we didn’t learn this nifty bit of trivia until a little ways into our vegan adventure (my first mention of it on my blog is on our 3rd anniversary, so i’m guessing we figured it out somewhere between the second and third year), but once i found out, i thought it was pretty awesome. ryan’s was one of the very first blogs i ever found, and read regularly, after going vegan. i thought of him as an online guru of sorts, and i was rather chuffed to learn that we went vegan on the Exact Same Day.

in the years since, we’ve not only kept up on each other’s blogs (no matter how intermittent, ha!), but followed each other on twitter and became friends on facebook. still, we’d never actually met in person. we don’t live anywhere near one another, so it’s not like we’re just going to bump into each other at the co-op, you know?

so anyway, on the morning we were to leave for vegas, we got an update before we even left the house, telling us our flight had been slightly delayed. i whined about it on facebook, without saying where we were headed, but one of my friends quickly posted in the comments something about “putting $10 on black” for him. ryan saw that, asked me where i was going, and we learned that in a matter of a few hours, we’d both be in las vegas, staying about 1/2 mile from one another. serendipity! ryan was in vegas for a convention, we’d be there for only a quick pit stop, but the stars aligned and i was going to get to meet my vegan twin!

we made plans for dinner that night, and i already told you all about that so i won’t rehash, except to add that ryan is super awesome and i’m so happy we got to meet up with him. he tolerated my annoying chatterbox nature quite amiably (i am THE WORST when i meet a new person that i like and/or am excited about. THE WORST), and he even agreed to wander down the strip with us after dinner so we could check out the fountains at the bellagio. we took in all the sights of the vegas strip in 105-degree heat, watched a couple of rounds at the bellagio (so fantastic!), and then walked back up the strip to our respective hotels. it was a really great night, and we topped it off with a picture to commemorate the occasion. here we are doing our best wonder twins impression:

vegan twin powers, activate!

hooray for fun coincidences, and hooray for vegan twins! i got a pretty darn good one, i have to say.


One comment

  1. Thanks for the great post, twin! I was equally as excited that our paths crossed and that I got to meet you and Erik! Good people, you two. 🙂

    Let’s do it again sometime!

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