vegan mofo is here!

mofo banner 2013

okay guys, i’m a TOTAL moron. i knew that vegan mofo was going to be a month early this year, and i still ended up too flustered/preoccupied to register on time. i foolishly assumed i had until the 31st (i actually had until the 28th, whoops)… and then i forgot anyway! i realized my terrible error shortly after midnight on september 1, and the rest of the story is just a giant sad trombone, wailing away.

but (thanks to some gentle prodding from my dear friend sheldon/kelly) i’ve decided to go ahead and blog along with everyone anyway, even if i’m not listed on the official blogroll and all that excitement. so here we go! get ready for some actual blogging from me, on the regular!

i keep being fairly certain that i’ve lost my entire readership by this point, so anytime you’re moved to post an “i’m here!” in the comments, it would totes make my day. โค



  1. I found you through the Twitter hashtag. This is my first veganmofo. I hope you will have fun, even though it is not official.

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