all hail cheezish! <3

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it’s mac & cheese monday here at vegan mofo, and i am about to BRING IT with my post of love. my favorite mac & cheese in the universe, my dear friend summer’s cheezish macaroni, is here for your enjoyment:

steamy cheezish

i  actually posted about this lovely dish during mofo2011, so i’ll link to that post here to avoid completely rehashing. read away! it’s okay, i’ll wait until you come back.


hello! welcome back! so yeah, cheezish is the bomb. it is my go-to lazy-day comfort food, and it always makes me feel better. and today i come bearing gifts: a link to the recipe from the lovely creator herself. whee! check out this note on her cookbook’s facebook page for her current variation on the cookbook version. i almost always make mine with roasted red peppers instead of pimentos (because i am greedy, i like to make multiple batches at once, and they come in larger jars) and they work really well. i mean, just look!

gladcow's cheezish

so creamy, so cheesy/tangy, so perfect. i definitely recommend her cookbook, which is tiny, adorable, and filled with tasty goodness, but in my opinion the cheezish recipe alone is worth the price of admission. i can’t even tell you how many times i’ve made this recipe. :hearty hearty heart:

i hope if you try it, you love it as much as i do. i will try to restrain myself from posting about cheezish during every mac & cheese monday this month, but i can’t make any promises.



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