the end-of-summer food panic

mofo banner 2013

i don’t know about you guys, but i’m getting a little bummed at all of the sudden mentions of sweaters and pumpkin lattes and autumn and soup. it was 80 degrees out today! summer isn’t over! stop hurrying it along! i think i’m overly sensitive because here in the midwest, our spring was terrible, and our summer took FOREVER to really get going, so i keep hoping that we’ll be compensated for that unpleasantness by a really warm september and october, and i can stretch summer out for another couple of months.

don’t get me wrong, i actually love fall (and sweaters and pumpkin and soup!), but i’m not quite ready for summer to be over yet. unfortunately, i know that a few summer-only opportunities are starting to slip out of my grasp, and it’s making me extra-motivated to get out there and eat.

i’m not sure if this a midwest thing (because we try to do ALL OF THE OUTSIDE THINGS during summer), but our farmers markets will be wrapping up in the next month or so. we have one nearby that features our local vegan bakery, so we like to try to head down there at least a couple of times each summer. our thing is basically: buy yummy baked goods, and then sit on a park bench and eat breakfast looking out over lake michigan. we haven’t made it there all summer, and i’m starting to worry that we’re going to miss our chance. need to bump that up on the saturday priority list!

we also have an AMAZEBALLS ice cream place in town who always has several vegan flavors on hand, as well as vegan shakes, vegan ice cream cakes, vegan ice cream sandwiches… the whole vegan ice cream enchilada, as it were. but they close over winter, so i’m starting to get to the point where i feel like i’m supposed to stuff my face with ice cream like i’m about to hibernate for several months.

the other thing i’d like to take advantage of as much as possible while we still can: patio dining. i love being able to eat outside when it’s nice out! i always did enjoy it (my dad in particular is really into it, so i’m sure i was socialized at a young age), but i think living in austin for four years really spoiled me for it. you can eat outside practically year-round there, so now that i’m back home in the midwest, it’s a precious opportunity that we try not to waste.

so… i guess this means on saturday i have to get some bakery at the far-mar and then eat some ice cream on a patio, right? here’s hoping the weather cooperates.



  1. Yes to the whole of the first paragraph! And some of my friends keep putting up pictures of Christmas stuff they’ve already found in the shops. Grr!

    Lucky you to have a vegan bakery nearby! Enjoy your weekend.

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