vegan creme brûlée

mofo banner 2013

okay first, let me just say: i love that my computer knew how to spell “brûlée” with all the fancy markings, because i certainly didn’t. thanks, robots!

anyhow, this is just a tiny little post in tribute to a tiny little dessert that, in all honesty, i wasn’t sure i’d ever eat again. way back in the pregan days, creme brûlée was one of our favorite “fancy” desserts. there was a really nice french restaurant in town that made an amazing one, and that’s what got us started liking it, and then we’d try them here and there if we were out for a nice dinner. after i went vegan (and later erik too), we weren’t exactly drowning in creme brûlée options anymore. no worries.

but recently, we hosted a vegan meetup with a new food truck in town, and they offered to try making a vegan version of their creme brûlée specifically for our event. how could we say no?! well, they created a delightful little picnic-sized version:

picnic-size vegan creme brûlée

…and it was so great! it was really vanilla-y, there was a good crackle on top, and it was the perfect size. enough to feel like you got a good helping of decadent dessert, but not so much that you immediately regretted eating the whole thing. it was my first experience with simmer truck, but i definitely hope to see them around town, because everything they served us was delicious.


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