austin, day 1

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we went to austin at the end of august, and as is typical for us, we ate our way from one end of town to the other. so, i saved my pictures and stories for mofo, and here we go! i think to keep it manageable, i’ll do one day per post. the first day was really just a late afternoon & evening, so it will be a short one.

a little backstory for those of you who are unfamiliar: we used to live in austin, and we miss it terribly. we both went there for grad school (it’s where we met, awwww), and when we got our jobs in fall 2000 we moved away. we try to visit as often as is feasible, and we plan almost our entire trip around eating. it’s basically: eating, eating, eating, driving around marveling at how things have changed, eating, eating, nostalgia walk, eating, eating, visiting with a friend, eating, eating, bats, eating, eating, eating.

this particular trip was originally scheduled because erik was invited to surprise his former advisor with an award, but i’m greedy so i figured out a way to turn it into a joint vacation. we flew in on a wednesday afternoon (the awards ceremony was on thursday morning, about 30 miles south of austin), and so we picked up our rental car and squeezed in one meal and one dessert before heading a bit south for the night.

our initial plan was to hit up guero’s for dinner, but as we drove past there was a film crew there (not to mention a ton of people), so we decided to try kerbey lane instead. both are “nostalgia eats” for us, because we frequented them in grad school like whoa. when we got to kerbey lane we decided that, although it was 90-some degrees out, it was actually pretty nice in the shade, so we sat on the patio.


above you will see one of my favorite things about austin: the great-tailed grackle. i really love those guys. ❤

we settled on breakfast-for-dinner, because i’d been pining after the vegan pancakes at kerbey for months. the special vegan pancake during our visit was lemon poppyseed (with a lemon glaze), so i pounced right on that. i also ordered a side of home fries. AMAZING.

lemon poppyseed pancake + home fries

erik went with the vegan breakfast platter, which included vegan sausage, tofu scramble (plus salsa for mixing), and two small lemon poppyseed pancakes. also amazing.

vegan breakfast platter

after that, we still had a little room for dessert, so before moseying down to san marcos for the night we hit up bananarchy. it’s a frozen banana stand that has several vegan options, and we fell in love with them the first time we tried them a couple of years ago. erik got vegan chocolate plus mixed nuts; i got vegan chocolate plus oreos plus a dusting of cinnamon.


erik gets the same thing every time, and i always try a bite of his and decide i want to get it next time… but usually i don’t follow through. on this trip, i’m happy to report, i actually did it! woo!  i can’t remember if we took pictures of that second trip, though, so we’ll just have to wait and see.

all in all, i was pretty impressed with myself because i was super self-controlled about my portion sizes. i ordered a single pancake and a half-banana and i didn’t feel like i was going to die as we drove to san marcos. i am not always the picture of restraint, especially when it comes to vacation eating, so i am chalking that one up as a win.

until tomorrow, i will leave you with this amazing picture i took on the plane from the skymall catalog: a cat pewpin’ on a toilet, just daring you to make a snarky comment. you’re welcome.

like a boss


    1. they were awesome! we always used to laugh about the homefries at kerbey, because (back when we lived there, at least), they always seemed different depending on who made them. it was like a potato gamble.

  1. Awwww, I wanna go back to Austin — I missed both of these places where I was there for TX VegFest! That pancake looks hella nom. Hope you guys had a good time!

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