austin, day 2

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all right, let’s move on to a full day of stuffing ourselves, shall we? well, it was sort of a full day of stuffing ourselves. if you happen to follow me on twitter, and if you were unlucky enough to be online that day, you may remember this harrowing adventure, tweeted in real time.

in a nutshell: erik went to his awards ceremony in the morning, and i stayed behind at the hotel, getting ready and meditating and packing our stuff and basically just getting hungry for lunch. we were supposed to check out at 12pm, but we finagled a late checkout (translation: 1pm) the night before, because we knew erik probably wouldn’t make it back in time. well, 1pm came and went, and there was no erik, but the hotel was like, “uhhh, are you going to get out of your room or…?” and i was like, “whine whine i don’t want to carry ALL OF THE BAGS and sit in the lobby by myself whine whine.” it was really a tense standoff, let me tell you. plus i was getting really hungry! anyhow, i was able to get an extension until 2pm, and then erik called me from the parking lot at the stroke of 2pm and hustled up to the room, and it was SO dramatic that i’m surprised there hasn’t been a short film made yet.


eventually erik made it back, and we packed up the car and headed back up to austin for the real vacation part of our trip. yay!

because we’d taken a detour from guero’s the night before, we decided to go there for lunch. when we lived in austin, guero’s was one of our huge go-to restaurants. we went to unwind, talk about big decisions, or just stuff our faces. we always go at least once (usually twice) on every visit, because nostalgia eating is awesome. we started, of course, with chips & salsa.

guero's salsa

and then, my friends, the Day of Twelve Tacos began. it was glorious. erik’s tacos came with soy chorizo, onion, cilantro, and pineapple. they also came with a side of beans and a side of potatoes.

guero's tacos

i went with a vegan version of “the lindsay special,” which is what i call it when i order ingredients + tortillas and make my own tacos. on this day that amounted to: vegan queso (food for lovers!), refried beans, and guacamole, plus flour tortillas. it was as close as i could get to what i used to order in the pregan days, and it was stupendous.

vegan lindsay special

so, after lunch, erik was at (a measly) two tacos, and i was at four. not a bad start! we headed to our airbnb to check in and drop off our stuff, and then we wandered to one of our favorite grocery stores (i would apologize for being weird, but you’re all vegans, so you get it), central market. there we observed the most psychedelic display of cauliflower:

central market cauliflower

and… we bought snacks. mostly because they have a super-great produce section, and erik wanted to try new fruits. and also because they have great juices.

central market snacks

we sat on the patio (we’re addicted to patios) and grackle-watched while enjoying our little bounty. i had the strawberry lemonade, erik had the first of many kombuchas on the trip, and the fruits were an “applepear,” a plumcot (which i guess is different from a pluot?), and a donut peach.

after that, we went to ANOTHER grocery store (again: you get it), wheatsville coop, and mostly just wandered around staring at things. my favorite was this wall of junk food that featured a mind-boggling amount of fantasmo vegan junk food:

vegan junkfoodapalooza

in that shot you’ll note cocomels, two different kinds of vegan peanut butter cups, and speculoos, among other delicacies. wheatsville knows how to bring it for their vegans. oh! i almost forgot because i didn’t take a picture, but i bought like $2 of mac & cheeze from the hot bar on the way out (and ate it on the patio), just because i couldn’t resist.

i can’t remember what else we did before dinner rolled around, but eventually, of course, it was time to eat again. for this meal, we went to bouldin creek cafe, which we never went to when we lived in austin, but we are more than making up for it now. we first tried it a couple of years ago, fell in love, and now it’s one of my absolute favorite restaurants in austin. we’ve been averaging three trips to bouldin per austin visit, which is saying something. on this night, we ate (you guessed it) tacos. erik had the special (i think they were called “BBQ street tacos,” and they may have included jackfruit):

bouldin taco special

and i had my very favorite dish at bouldin, the one i love so much i can hardly ever bear to order anything else, the el tipico. it’s their ridiculously good tofu scramble, plus a potato hashcake dealie, and then some lettuce and tomato and salsa and corn tortillas. THE BEST.

el tipico numero uno

i apologize for the horrible picture quality, it was totes dark in there. anyway, that brought erik’s taco total for the day to five, and my total to seven(!!), so i win. #tacocleanse

aaaand after all of that, we still found room to eat a little ice cream at sweet ritual. we sat out on the patio, of course! i had a scoop of salted caramel, and erik had a scoop of that as well, plus a scoop of horchata (which included rice-krispie-treat chunks!).

sweet ritual

sweet ritual scoops

stay tuned for tomorrow’s installment, where we eat ourselves into a delicious food coma at the vegan yacht and capital city bakery, and i chicken out and don’t introduce myself to a ppk’er that i’m standing right next to. it’s not to be missed!



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