austin, day 3

mofo banner 2013

okay, let’s do this! day 3 in austin was a festival of delights, and i started by skipping breakfast so that i could eat an enormous lunch. we were headed for the delicious one-two punch of the vegan yacht plus capital city bakery, and i wanted to be able to order to my heart’s content.

let’s get the embarrassing part that i teased yesterday out of the way up front.

both places are in the same little food trailer park in east austin, and when we pulled up, i saw vegan lazy smurf hanging out at the capital city trailer, talking to kristen. i am sooooo the person who thinks no one will ever remember me (i skipped both of my high school reunions thus far, mostly because of this fear), and i felt awkward being all, “hey, i’m from the internet! and i met you in portland a couple of years ago! you might not remember my real name but here i am! it’s me!” *awkward shuffle dance*  and so i just decided to “wing it” (whatever that means in this context) and i very sneakily wandered up to kristen’s trailer and just looked at all the pretty bakery. i felt way too nerdy to interrupt their conversation, so i told myself, “oh, i’ll say hi if a better opportunity comes up,” and we went over to the vegan yacht to get some lunch. [/cowardice]

vegan yacht

the last time i was able to eat at the vegan yacht, it was under less-than-ideal circumstances, but i’ve been dreaming about that freeto burrito for two years and i was bound and determined to eat it again. here it is!

freeto burrito

it’s got tempeh chili and blue corn chips and daiya and avocado and LOVE. it’s so, so tasty, you guys. erik went with the mock chick’n sammie:

mock chick'n sammie

and ended up with two sammies! i hear this is standard; tvy is good people. the sandwich was fresh and yum. erik also got a fancy lemonade that i forgot to take a picture of (or write down what it was), but i know it involved kale somehow. sounded weird, tasted refreshing. pineapple kale lemonade maybe? i’m kind of making this up.

sometime while we were waiting for our food or maybe while we were eating it, lazysmurf decided to leave, and i stayed put at the picnic table like the chicken i am. later we talked over twitter about what an idiot i am (my words, not hers).

once we’d polished off our lunch, it was time to get down to business and order some dessert. woo! we went back to survey the picture window in kristen’s trailer (i didn’t take pictures because again, i felt dumb) and settled on two of the most decadent things we could find. erik got the cherry cheesecake (his favorite variety, serendipity!), and ended up with the very last piece:

cherry cheesecake

i tried one non-cherry bite (i’m not a fan of cherries, i know i suck) and it was soooo perfect. the best vegan cheesecake i’ve had, hands-down. slightly tangy and creamy and rich and fluffy and all the things you want it to be. meanwhile, i got the peanut butter frosted brownie:

peanut butter frosted brownie

…which, let me just say, i have NEVER eaten a brownie this delicious in my life. the peanut butter frosting was amazeballs, but even plain that brownie was the friggin’ BEST. i want to eat them all the time. however! it was also gigantic, and i couldn’t finish it. so i went back to get a little take-home box, and this time i actually re-introduced myself to kristen (i felt too dumb during our original order) and i also got a cookie to put in the box with the brownie, because i just really wanted it. i mean, look how cute!

sugar cookie

(and look how big!!) i didn’t eat this cookie until two days later, on the way home. it was super great, as you might imagine.

the rest of this day was taken up by random adventures: roaming around the UT campus and the drag (the street that runs alongside campus), going to a coffee shop to work for a bit (well, erik worked. i’m relatively certain that i dorked around on the internet the entire time), and i’m pretty sure we took a nap in between those two escapades. we really lived it up, let me tell you what.

eventually dinner had to happen, and we decided to take it to the mothership, the original whole foods on south lamar. we perused the various offerings and of course i ended up with tacos. erik got a burrito. everything was amazing, but we ate it on the patio in 98-degree heat in almost total darkness, so there is no photographic evidence. use your imagination, and imagine some black beans and cilantro rice and [APPARENTLY NOT-ACTUALLY-VEGAN POTATOES, eff you whole foods!] and guacamole in corn tortillas and you’ll get the picture. i was dying of being stuffed (i barely finished my tacos), but erik was able to keep going so he went back in for a doughnut. again, no photos. picture a raspberry filled doughnut being eaten in the dark. great, right?

while we were in the neighborhood, we hit up some more old stomping grounds, waterloo records and bookpeople. i took one picture at each place:

record store nostalgia

this display made me laugh, because it truly threw me back to my grad school days. i bought so many random imports and things at waterloo back in the day!


(if you are an old old friend and/or you know me from the ppk, you’ll know why that’s funny.)

coming up tomorrow in day 4: a return to bouldin scramble! an extremely bittersweet road trip! flautas! and more bananas!



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