austin, day 6

mofo banner 2013

you made it to the end! we eventually had to leave austin (*sob*), and here’s what we ate on our very last partial day.

when we woke up and got ready, i was feeling a little… iffy. i will blame this partially on my gluttony from the day before, and partially on some sort of weird unexplained panic attack. regardless, it was dumb and i was sad, because we were heading back to bouldin creek for visit #3 and i really wanted to gorge myself on my last brunch. alas, i was too a-skeered, and i couldn’t bring myself to order the el tipico. wah! instead, i got the plainest-yet-substance-y thing i could think of: a toasted bagel with peanut butter. i was so ashamed of myself, i didn’t even take a picture. it was pretty pathetic, y’all. erik, however, was doing great, and he ordered the oven cake breakfast:

oven cake breakfast

this comes with the famous scramble and a really delicious blueberry corn cake (complete with agave nectar), plus a side of beans and a side of fruit. erik got me to have a tiny bite of the blueberry corn cake, and it was seriously excellent. i made a promise that i’d order this on a future visit, as a mandatory break from el tipico… we’ll see if i can make good on that. my bagel & pb was really good, too, and i was proud of myself for eating the whole thing, but it was bittersweet because i was really frustrated with myself for not being able to have breakfast tacos. i’m a jerk.

we ate on their patio and sat around for a long time, soaking up the end of our austin vacay and flirting with the large selection of dogs attending brunch that day, until eventually we felt like we should probably move on. we hit the OG whole foods one more time so that erik could have another doughnut (i abstained), and sat around on that patio for awhile, too. the last day of vacation is always kind of sad, isn’t it? we’ve only been home a couple of weeks, and i miss austin already. i wish we were millionaires so we could have a second home there.



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