vegan bakery in the wild

mofo banner 2013

i mentioned a little while ago that we really needed to hit up the farmers market this season before we lost our chance, and i’m happy to report that we finally made it on saturday! we browsed a bit, then snagged a bunch of vegan bakery and ate it in the grass while gazing out at lake michigan.


here we have a blueberry muffin, an apple pecan muffin, a cherry danish, and an apple danish. the apple stuff is mine, the others are erik’s. everything was delicious! i actually saved my apple pecan muffin for breakfast a couple of days later… sometimes i like to hoard my treats. here’s a peek at our view:


it was a lovely saturday morning, even if i had to get up WAY earlier than usual to enjoy it. i’m always so excited to be able to get a huge selection of vegan bakery at the farmers market. they had tons of different muffins, scones, danish(es?), cookies, cakes, pies, cupcakes… you name it, they had it. thanks, east side ovens! keep being awesome!

(next mission: get some vegan chai up in that far-mar.)


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