all the pizza in our bellies

mofo banner 2013

you guys, we ate a lot of pizza this week. we didn’t set out to do it on purpose, it just kind of happened. and it’s vegan mofo, so why not blog about it? everyone loves pizza!

it all started on monday night (although i didn’t learn about it until tuesday mid-morning). erik went to whole foods for a grocery run, and apparently ordered a giant pizza for us, for dinner. he did it kind of spur-of-the-moment because it was getting late and he felt like pizza, and i don’t even know what all was on it but i’m going to guess daiya mozz and upton’s sausage and a wonderful variety of veggies, because that’s how he rolls. anyhow, as he was packing the groceries into the trunk of his car, apparently the pizza box fell right on the ground, open, big ol’ SPLAT in the parking lot. heartbreaking! he was super duper pissed and basically just scraped it up, threw it in the garbage, and then came home and made burritos without ever telling me it happened. poor kid.

once tuesday rolled around, i decided maybe we should try to make up for monday’s tragic pizza loss, so i suggested a run to ian’s. they have “vegan day” every tuesday, so it was fortuitous timing. plus, we hadn’t been there in quite awhile, so we were due. they are a mainly by-the-slice kind of place (although you can order whole pies, too), so it’s great if you want to kind of pick-and-choose your flavors. we got ours to go, so we could eat our pizza while watching new girl and mindy project.


erik got three slices: two pepperoni + sausage, and one smokey the bandit, which is basically a bbq chik’n pizza. it has bbq sauce, vegan ranch, beyond meat chik’n, the whole deal. it’s really good, and i don’t even like bbq.

pepperoni sausage

smokey the bandit

i got two slices, and it’s basically the carb special, also known as the beige and yellow. i ordered the mac & cheeze (because i can NEVER resist that one) and the papa the bandit (a potato version of their smokey the bandit, essentially).

papa the bandit + mac & cheeze

i love their pizza so much, but i don’t get it super often because they only have vegan slices once per week, and things don’t always work out that easily. BUT! when we were chatting up the friendly guy at the register, he told us that tuesdays are doing so well, they’re thinking about having vegan slices all the time! whee!! i made lots of exciting noise about that, and i will be keeping my fingers tightly crossed. meanwhile, we can still order a whole vegan pie any day of the week, so that’s pretty great regardless.

we were pizza-free on wednesday and thursday, but when friday rolled around erik suggested pizza for late-lunch/early-dinner, and i couldn’t really say no. this time we headed to classic slice, another amazing option in town (and erik’s personal favorite). they have a dedicated vegan menu at all times, or you can also veganize a bunch of options on the regular menu if that floats your boat. and they have shakers of nooch! yay!

i went with a slice i hadn’t eaten in quite awhile, a veganized version of their la dolce slice (vegan cheese, tomatoes, garlic, basil):

la dolce

and erik had a slice of the vegan pesto (with pinenuts! so so good!) and a veganized version of their satyricon slice (sausage, mushrooms, green peppers, onions):

pesto + vegan satyricon

they also had five(!!) flavors of vegan cupcakes up for grabs yesterday, but we had plans to meet a friend for ice cream, so we had to abstain. next time!



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