more tacos? why not?!

mofo banner 2013

today we were about to embark on a day of laziness-slash-working-at-home (or so i thought), when erik suddenly suggested going out to lunch and running a whole bunch of errands. by this point it was 1pm and i still hadn’t eaten breakfast, so i pounced on the idea, mostly because i was starving. we decided on mexican because duh, and we went to one of our favorite places nearby, cafe corazon. it was pretty mild out today, so we ate on the patio. i know these opportunities are going to be dwindling soon, so i try to take advantage when possible.

cafe corazon has a really vegan-friendly menu… several items are clearly labeled as vegan, and you can also veganize a bunch of other items if you want to get creative. their black beans and their rice are vegan, and they have three options for vegan fillings in tacos/burritos/enchiladas: sautéed veggies, herbed tofu, or vegan chorizo. in a nutshell: we love eating there. after perusing the menu today, i decided on tacos (again, because duh), and erik went for the wet burrito. they were out of vegan chorizo today, so we both opted for herbed tofu.

wet burrito

the burritos are ginormous, and the “wet” option comes with vegan enchilada sauce poured over the top. good stuff. i’ve never actually ordered mine this way (i’ve had a regular ol’ dry burrito a few times), but i’m going to have to pull myself away from tacos one of these days and give it a shot. erik loved it. he also had a really delicious sport tea (you can see it in the shot below), that was sort of sweet and lemony. i loved it, and i’m not really an iced tea person.

vegan taco plate

this is my taco plate, and sometimes i struggle to finish it off, but today we (sort of accidentally) skipped the chips & salsa course, so i was able to eat my lunch without feeling overstuffed. they garnish their tacos with lettuce and tomatoes and these beautiful pink radishes, and i always get a kick out of that. so festive! their black beans are my favorite in town; there’s just something about them. they have a little sweetness that makes them magical. in the background you can see their salsa selection (the green is delicious but totes spicy), and i also ordered a side of avos today, because avos make everything better. right? right.


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