brunch at the national

mofo banner 2013

a couple of weekends ago, a friend and i were heading out for brunch, and i felt my brain being pulled toward my usual favorites. before i even had a chance to suggest one, though, she piped in and said, “how about the national?” it’s a place a mutual friend had mentioned recently, and i hadn’t been there in AGES (seriously, i’m pretty sure it’s been at least a couple of years). i’d been hearing good things about the national recently, and i’d always liked the cute vibe in their cafe, so off we went to check it out.

it probably goes without saying that i kicked off my order with a chai, yes?

national chai

they have a pretty good selection on their menu for vegans (i’m always impressed by vegan french toast as an option), and i was in a brunchy mood so i stuck to that area of the menu. i settled on the breakfast burrito, and a side of potatoes:

national breakfast burrito

the vegan breakfast burrito comes with tofu, black bean spread, avocado, peppers, and onions. it’s touted as “really big!” on the menu, but as you can see it was actually quite flat. that surprised me when it arrived, and i wouldn’t say it filled me up, but it was still tasty. the salsa was really flavorful and gave the burrito a nice punch. the side of rosemary breakfast potatoes was a great decision, too. yum.

i’d love to go back (in less than two years, ha!) and give the french toast a try — if memory serves, it was pretty good way back when. i’d also like to try their black bean sandwich or the hummus wrap. they have breakfast/lunch hours only, so that is sometimes problematic with our night owl schedule, but if we plan ahead i’m sure we can make it work.

aaand that does it for this year’s vegan mofo! thanks for reading about my grub, and thanks for piping in here and there! i’m definitely feeling more in a blogging groove, so i’m going to try to keep the momentum going and get back to my regularly scheduled programming. hope you stick around!



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