barkTHINS snacking chocolate

you guys, have you seen these barkTHINS yet?! if not, do yourself a favor and keep an eye out, because they are firmly seated at holy crap levels of delicious.

snacking chocolate

we were at our favorite little market-attached-to-a-restaurant recently, and these guys were just hanging out on a shelf. they had two varieties: these with the pretzels, and another version that had dark chocolate & almonds instead. erik picked them up (because he is a naive optimist) and we were totally stoked to learn that BOTH varieties were vegan. what WHAT?! we decided to try the pretzel version first, because it was a little more unusual, and let’s just say they were gone in a matter of a couple of days.

about a week later, we were at a co-op and i saw a totally different variety (dark chocolate mint!) that is ALSO VEGAN. you guys. i just can’t even with this stuff. first of all, it’s called snacking chocolate, which i love. i mean let’s be honest, sometimes we eat chocolate just because. i am very well known for just sitting around, brazenly eating it over a bucket. snacking chocolate: let’s call it what it is.

and second of all, they make five flavors, four of which are vegan! alongside the dark chocolate pretzel, dark chocolate almond, and dark chocolate mint, i just learned that there is dark chocolate pumpkin seed. YES PLEASE. if you want to see all of the labels so you know what you’re looking for, here you go! i don’t know about you, but i need all of these flavors in my house, pronto.



  1. I agree, these are delicious, however, can they really be considered vegan? The package of the dark chocolate pretzel says “may contain milk, eggs”…. They’re not technically an ingredient, but they may be in the bark.

    1. sorry i missed this comment earlier! in my experience, the “may contain” language is usually just to indicate instances of shared equipment, which is extremely common in food manufacturing. of course, every vegan has to draw their own line, but for me personally, shared equipment doesn’t make something non-vegan… ingredients do. 🙂 so i’m okay with “may contain traces,” but if you’re not, that’s your prerogative. 🙂

  2. So I didn’t realize till today but on barkthins’ website under faq it mentions that they use non-vegan sugar :/ hopefully it will change in the future

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