barkTHINS snacking chocolate

you guys, have you seen these barkTHINS yet?! if not, do yourself a favor and keep an eye out, because they are firmly seated at holy crap levels of delicious.

snacking chocolate

we were at our favorite little market-attached-to-a-restaurant recently, and these guys were just hanging out on a shelf. they had two varieties: these with the pretzels, and another version that had dark chocolate & almonds instead. erik picked them up (because he is a naive optimist) and we were totally stoked to learn that BOTH varieties were vegan. what WHAT?! we decided to try the pretzel version first, because it was a little more unusual, and let’s just say they were gone in a matter of a couple of days.

about a week later, we were at a co-op and i saw a totally different variety (dark chocolate mint!) that is ALSO VEGAN. you guys. i just can’t even with this stuff. first of all, it’s called snacking chocolate, which i love. i mean let’s be honest, sometimes we eat chocolate just because. i am very well known for just sitting around, brazenly eating it over a bucket. snacking chocolate: let’s call it what it is.

and second of all, they make five flavors, four of which are vegan! alongside the dark chocolate pretzel, dark chocolate almond, and dark chocolate mint, i just learned that there is dark chocolate pumpkin seed. YES PLEASE. if you want to see all of the labels so you know what you’re looking for, here you go! i don’t know about you, but i need all of these flavors in my house, pronto.


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