it’s adopt-a-turkey time again!

woo hoo, get excited! if you’re new to veganism and/or new to farm sanctuary, you might also be new to adopt-a-turkey time. if you’ve never heard of it before, you can read all about it here. farm sanctuary does this every november, and they have a new crop of adorable turkeys up for sponsorship every year. i am sponsoring a turkey for what seems like my umpteenth year (i picked clove!), and i’m planning to have her picture at our thanksgiving meal. we’re hosting a vegan thanksgiving for our non-vegan family members (who are all good sports), and i think maybe having clove’s picture there will be a nice touch.

i decided to sponsor clove because she’s at the northern california shelter, which is the one i visited a few years ago, so i have an emotional attachment to that location. while we were visiting, we met a hilarious and amazing flock of girl turkeys (one of whom stole my banana). hopefully clove has made some good friends, maybe even with someone in that flock we met. ❤ take a look at the sweeties up for adoption this year, and please sponsor one if you can!


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