vegan mofo is here!


all right, buckle up, because after a billion years of Not Blogging, briefly interrupted by a Super Sad Post and then a continuation of Not Blogging… i’m about to be in your face pretty much every day for the next month. get excited! it’s mofo time!

this year i decided to try something new (albeit at the very last minute), and i’ve gotten slightly organized about this whole deal. in years past i’ve just taken the “blog about food, whatever strikes yer fancy” route every day, but this year i’m trying the different-topic-each-day-of-the-week shtick. here’s what i’m planning:

mac & cheese mondays – because duh. i’m obsessed with mac & cheese, i have Opinions, and also all the cool kids are doing it.

hometown tuesdays – this one doesn’t use alliteration because the only T word i could think of was “townie,” and that made it sound like i live in a vacation town on the east coast, which i most certainly do not. so anyhow, on tuesdays i’ll be featuring some delicious milwaukee offerings.

wanderlust wednesdays – my favorite tasty out-of-town noms! i’ll try to resist the urge to make all of my wednesday posts about austin, but i’m not making any promises.

throwback thursdays – i have this thing where i fall deeply in love with a product, and then the powers that be snatch it away from me, which always leads to a lot of whining and complaining from yours truly. i thought i’d tap into that pain for my thursday theme, where i will wax nostalgic about something i’ve lost, but then also hopefully talk about the awesome thing i eat instead now. we’ll see how that goes.

four favorites fridays – this ‘four favorites’ idea is something i’ve been kicking around for ages now, and i figure mofo is a good time to try it out. this month i’ll be focusing on food (of course), but after vegan mofo ends, i hope to keep this as a regular post feature.

saturday snacks – i like snacks. on saturdays i’ll tell you about what i’ve been shoving in my face, snack-wise.

sunday sharing – making dessert for other people is one of my favorite forms of vegan outreach. telling people about the dessert i make for other people is another one, apparently.

so there you have it! an attempt at being organized! it will be interesting to see if i can hack it. i really, really hope there are still people out there reading this dumb blog.



  1. I love the themes! And I also love sharing my vegan baked goods with people. Just to show the world that it’s even better than “normal” baking! I am looking forward to all your posts 🙂

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