hometown tuesdays – holey moley doughnuts


i’ve been bemoaning the lack of vegan doughnuts around here for some time now. my husband and i used to live in austin (we still think of it as a second hometown), and when we go back, we’re always sure to get red rabbit doughnuts, because they are amazeballs. i was also excited to see that the austin whole foods stock vegan doughnuts regularly in their bakery case; i’ve never seen that here, and i always wonder why the heck not. a little while back, our whole foods teased us by suggesting they might try out some vegan doughnut recipes, but as far as i know, nothing has materialized on that front.

truth be told, we are lucky in that there’s a bakery about an hour away that offers not only vegan doughnuts, but vegan kringle. larsen bakery sells their vegan kringle at our local food co-op (yay!), but to get their doughnuts you either have to commit to a drive down south, or you have to order the frozen ones from vegan essentials. i am lazy, so i usually do neither of those things.

but! all is not lost! over the past month or two, i became aware of a new doughnut shop on the local scene. i saw someone tweet about them having a daily vegan flavor (what?! score!), and i made a mental note to check them out. before i made it over there, fate smiled upon me, and holey moley doughnuts contacted us about hosting a vegan meetup at their place (what?! double score!). and not only that, but they were offering FREE coffee and doughnuts for up to 50 milwaukee vegans. FREE! needless to say, we jumped at the chance and had the event set up pretty much that very night.

our little milwaukee vegan meetup got a bajillion new members just because people wanted to come to this event, which was kind of amazing. we hit our cap of 50 people within a couple of hours, and ended up with another 30 on the wait list. bananas!

the morning of the event, we were a bunch of circling doughnut-vultures ready to pounce. joe, the super friendly owner, had us set up in the lobby of their space with a special vegan table (five flavors) and a coffee station (with soymilk), and there were couches and chairs for people to lounge on. once most people had arrived, joe welcomed us and gave an extremely thoughtful spiel about how their doughnuts are made, with special attention to the kinds of things that vegans worry about (specific ingredients, use of shared equipment, and so on). i was really impressed by how forthcoming he was, and also how open to feedback he was. he wants to keep expanding their vegan offerings, and he’s really interested in hearing our flavor ideas. meanwhile, he had about 100 free-for-nothin’ doughnuts just waiting for us to eat them:

holey moley vegan spread

the flavors were: chocolate glazed, raspberry, coconut, salted peanut, and blood orange. i had already heard good things about the blood orange (that’s the one that looks like a plain glazed up there), and i was pretty excited to try pretty much all of the flavors (although, truth be told, i’m not much of a coconut person). joe told me ahead of time that the chocolate glazed were new, and they only had a few of them, so i was a jerk and i made sure to get one of those first (sorry, other milwaukee vegans!):

holey moley chocolate glazed

it was delicious! as you can probably tell from the pictures, their vegan doughnuts right now are all the “cake doughnut” variety, although i suppose that might change as they keep experimenting. after devouring this chocolate delight, i moved on to the salted peanut (decadent, creamy icing!), and then the blood orange (holy yum!). i was so intent on shoving them in my face-hole that i forgot to take pictures of those, whoops.

the raspberry went pretty quickly, so i didn’t get to try one of those, but that’s a good reason to go back, right? i was able to nab one of the coconut to take home for erik (who is much more of a coconut person than i am), and he loved it. i really can’t say enough good things about holey moley. wonderful owner, delicious doughnuts, and ready to make more vegan offerings. what more could we ask? my personal request is going to be lemon poppyseed, but i’m going to keep brainstorming before i send the email. if you have other good flavor ideas, let me know!



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