four favorites – summer 2014 edition


we’ve kind of been drowning in new and exciting products lately, so i thought for today’s four favorites, i’d rattle off my favorite “new to me” products from this summer. you will note that one company is featured heavily on this list (they have been killing it lately!), and one item is not technically new, but i had never tried it before this summer, so i think it still counts. without further ado, my favorite summer yums, in the order that i first tasted them:

earth balance cheese nips

you guys! you have no idea how happy i was when these arrived on the scene. in the pregan days, i used to have a box of cheese nips stashed in my office (in the “snack drawer” of my file cabinet, heh) at pretty much all times. in my days as a completely-freaked-out assistant professor working toward tenure, i spent loooong hours in my office, and i needed sustenance. when i went vegan, the cheese nips got jettisoned, and i hadn’t really had anything like them in 10 years. i tried those eco crackers (what were those called? i can’t remember) a couple of times, but they weren’t quite the same, so i never really got hooked on those. but earth balance! you really nailed it! their vegan cheddar flavor squares don’t have the most elegant name, but i absolutely love those little suckers. ymmv alert: if you were a hardcore cheez-its person back in the day, you may not like the EB version as much as i do. i feel like i’ve heard more mixed opinions from the cheez-its lobby.

earth balance sour cream & onion chips

oh my goodness gracious, you guys. these are my kryptonite, for real. earth balance came out with two flavors of kettle chips (sour cream & onion, and cheddar), and vegans rejoiced. i mean, these were chip flavors that most of us thought we’d never, ever eat again, so the excitement was definitely understandable. i’m not really that big into potato chips (i mean, i’m a human, so i like them fine, but i’m just saying), so i’m kind of surprised how obsessed i’ve become with these things. i ate the first one, my mouth and brain were all, where have you been all my life?! and the rest is history. if i have a bag in the house, i have to leave it sealed up as long as possible, because once it’s open i will just go to town. honorable mention: the cheddar flavor is also extremely delicious. buy them both!

flavored lemonades

okay, so these aren’t technically new, but they were new to me! this past summer, my friend colleen introduced me to santa cruz organic lemonades, and i was pretty instantly on board. we hosted a meetup event that featured a bunch of vegan junk food, and colleen brought all five flavors of the santa cruz lemonades along. because i had never had them before, i did a little “flight” of the various flavors so i could be sure to taste them all. i started with the cherry, because colleen had spoken very highly of it, and then moved on to the strawberry, because i was pretty sure it would end up being my favorite. i surprised myself, however, because i ended up really in love with the raspberry. so delicious! the peach is also really tasty. the last flavor, mango, was good but in a very unexpected way. it probably has the most unique flavor of all of them. anyhow, after the meetup event i put these on the ol’ grocery list, and bought a raspberry lemonade and a peach lemonade on my next trip. super refreshing for summer! and like a proper vegan, i drink mine out of a turquoise mason jar.

earth balance boxed mac & cheese

if you’ve been reading my mofo posts this week, you already know how i feel about this stuff. i feel like it’s kind of THE product of the summer, just on buzz alone. i really enjoyed the yellow version, as i mentioned on monday. when i wrote that post i hadn’t yet tried the white cheddar variety, but (spoiler alert) i had some yesterday, and i’ll be blogging about it for the next mac & cheese monday. i’m so excited that our local whole foods has these in stock now, because i’m pretty sure i’ll have a couple boxes in the pantry at all times.




  1. It seems like vegan cheesy crisps/chips have really become a thing this year! We have had some new and good tasting ones out in the UK too. And the funny thing is as a kid I never used to like cheesy snacks, but when they’re vegan they are totally cool!

  2. Earth Balance really stepped up this year with some awesome new products! I finally made it over to our local Whole Foods and bought the mac and cheese! And I’ve been eating the vegan white cheddar puffs all summer. Those are amazing!

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