saturday snacks – s’mores bites


for my first saturday snacks entry, i’m not playing around. i’m using this veganmofo platform to spread the word far and wide about this decadent creation, originally invented by amandabear. i’m calling them “s’mores bites” because it’s as good a name as any, but really you could just call them “smear some stuff on this thing and shove it in your face” because that’s the basic recipe. to make s’mores bites for your next snacking adventure, you need two ingredients: dandies marshmallows (the jumbo kind is ideal), and trader joe’s cocoa swirl cookie butter. behold!

s'mores bites

you guys, i don’t really know how to explain this to you without just saying a bunch of gibberish yummy noises, but i think you get the idea. my preferred snacking method is to stand over the kitchen counter (as pictured) with a knife, and grab dandies one at a time, smear them with cocoa swirl, and eat. if i just want a little dessert-y goodness, i’ll eat two or three and put them away. (willpower!) if i’m having a crap day and need some cheering up, i might take this party to the living room, where i can camp out on the couch and have a few more than two or three. anyhow, this is a delicious idea, i love amanda forever, and if this is the first you’re hearing of this wondrous creation, you should get your butt to the store.

alternate recipes: dandies with regular cookie butter (smooth or crunchy) if you’re not in a chocolatey mood, or dandies with peanut butter (smooth or crunchy) for fluffernutter bites!



  1. So, I randomly picked up a jar of this at TJ’s just yesterday. I never buy this kind of stuff, but it was calling my name….and now I know why! I ate it spread on graham crackers last night (sort of a s’mores thing), but I will have to get these marshmallows too! Yum! This stuff is dangerous. 🙂

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