mac & cheese mondays – earth balance in a box! (white)


all righty, i did my promised homework from last week, and i fixed up a box of the white cheddar earth balance mac & cheese so that i can report back! as i mentioned last week (for those of you who may have missed that post, i shall link it here for your perusal), there are a lot of different opinions out there about the earth balance mac & cheese, ranging from “halle-frickin-lujah!” to “meh-who-cares?” to “bleah-why-did-i-do-this?!”… but i was rather impressed with the yellow version, truth be told. it isn’t the same as my homemade favorite, but it is pretty bang-on with my memories of the blue box i used to adore, and nostalgia points go a long way with me. so, how about the white cheddar version?

EB white cheddar

welp, this one i was a little more hesitant about — not because i was worried about it tasting bad, but more because i didn’t have a nostalgia-analog for it. i guess maybe this is supposed to be the vegan version of annie’s shells & white cheddar? seems plausible, i suppose… in any case, i’d never had white cheddar mac and cheese in the pregan days, so i wasn’t really sure what this was supposed to taste like, and i also was fairly certain it wasn’t going to ping any childhood memories, so to speak. but based on my good luck with the yellow version, i forged ahead. as before, i made it according to the directions without any tinkering (using the amount of EB they call for, and the “light plain” soymilk i had in the house), and voila!

EB white cheddar prepared

(yep, once again, that is the contents of an entire box in that there bowl.)

it was really good, y’all. to be honest, it didn’t taste all that different from the yellow (to me), but it’s possible that’s because it had been almost a month since i’d eaten the yellow. or maybe it’s because “cheddar” and “white cheddar” aren’t really extremely distinct. i should probably do a side-by-side taste test at some point to be sure. but meanwhile, i’ll just say that it’s slightly alfredo-y, and it tastes lovely with fresh ground black pepper over the top. would eat again.

the next three mac & cheese mondays will feature non-boxed varieties (including my favorite of all time), so i’ll see you again in a week!



  1. I couldn’t tell the difference between them at all, and it was only a few days apart that I had them! I am, admittedly, nowhere close to a supertaster, so I didn’t know if it was just me! Interesting that you had the same experience (minus the “oddly sweet” reaction that I had).

  2. I’ve only had the white, but I’ve got a box of orange on deck for future lazy food. The flavor was good. It reminded me of pregan white cheddar popcorn. Convenience food is more of an occasional thing for me though so I don’t see buying tons of it.

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