hometown tuesdays – screaming tuna sushi


so, uh, i guess first thing’s first: that name is pretty Not Vegan. sorry guys. ha!

as a bit of a preface, let me fill you in on my sushi background: i lived most of my life without ever trying sushi. as an omnivore i never ever liked seafood, so the idea of raw fish freaked me out entirely. no one in my family really ate sushi, either, so it wasn’t like i had a lot of exposure to it. i can’t honestly remember any friendship outings based around sushi, either. i lived a sheltered existence, is what i’m saying.

when i met my husband in grad school, he liked sushi (certain types), but i had a hard time coming around to the idea — plus, by then i was vegetarian, so i was definitely not going to eat any of the fish-based options. after going vegan, i started becoming brave, and i started trying all kinds of foods i wouldn’t have considered previously (e.g., indian, ethiopian), and when i heard enough people rave about vegan sushi, i decided i’d give it a shot. we had a place in town that supposedly had several vegan options, so erik and i headed over there and … oh! i just remembered something else! somewhere in there, i tried edamame. i can’t remember where or who with, but it wasn’t erik. i LOVED it, and i knew you could get edamame at sushi restaurants, so that’s probably what helped make me brave. so erik and i went out for vegan sushi, and i taught him about edamame, and the sushi was delicious, and the rest is history. i love vegan sushi! yay!

still, over the past however many years, the only spot we’ve really bothered with is that same restaurant, so when i found out about screaming tuna and all of their vegan-friendliness, my interest was piqued. we ended up having a vegan meetup event there a couple of months ago, and they were so welcoming! here’s the menu they created just for our event:

screaming tuna menu

this included all the vegan-friendly rolls on their usual menu, plus a special soup they made just for us. one slight editing note: the wasabi mayo is not vegan, so they didn’t include that on our veggie shekhar rolls; the TKO was served with avocado instead of egg; and the mango roll is usually made with fish sauce in the salsa (sob!) but they made it special for us that day (and can do the same, if asked, on future visits). anyhow, as far as the appetizer courses went, the edamame was delicious (obvs). i chose the soup over the salad, and it was fab. for the maki, they brought us enormous platters that featured one of everything, like so:

screaming tuna spread

i mean, come on! so beautiful! it was hard to know how/where to start, so most people did what i did, and started with one of each, like so:

screaming tuna plate

if i’d been smart, i’d have arranged these in the same configuration as the menu, but i didn’t think that far ahead. so… clockwise starting from the top right, we have: satsumaimo, TKO, mango, nile, veggie shekhar, AKA, and then the tempura avocado in the center. i loved absolutely every single one, but i think my favorites were the veggie shekhar, the tempura avocado, and the satsumaimo. after everyone got to try all the different varieties that they wanted, we worked on dividing up the leftovers. no one left hungry, that’s for sure!

screaming tuna is located in a cute part of town (the third ward), right on the water, so when the weather is nice, you can sit out on the patio and enjoy a great view on top of it all. i haven’t managed to drag erik there just yet, but i hope to do so sometime soon. i’m excited to eat a bunch of these again!



  1. Wow awesome post! I am jealous of your vegan meetup that included sushi! I was scared to try sushi too, until I had been out of college for several years. And then I had to be pretty much forced to try it. I didn’t love it at first, but now I do! I finally tried a sushi place in Baltimore that specialized in vegan options. It was amazing! Thanks for sharing!! Everything looks so good 🙂

  2. i hated seafood preveg/vegan. it took me awile to try vegan sushi because i could not get over it. i like how pretty it is! my fave sushi is inari tofu pouches!

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