wanderlust wednesdays – green owl cafe


for this week’s edition of wanderlust wednesdays, i’m taking you on another brief day trip, but this time we’re staying in wisconsin. it’s time to check out the green owl cafe in madison!

green owl is an adorable little restaurant in madison, on a quiet street relatively near the capitol, so it’s an easy lunch spot after doing art on the square or the farmers market. we’ve been there a good handful of times over the past few years, but not for a little while now, which is a bummer. must remedy. i mean, look how cute!

green owl menu

my favorite thing about them is that they’re all-vegetarian, and most things on their menu are vegan (or can be made vegan). i always love having lots of options, even if it means i take extra-long trying to make a decision! i just went through my pictures from the past forever-ness, and i can’t find a single picture of food from green owl! what the fork? i don’t know what is wrong with me. i apologize.

meanwhile, let me tell you about a few of my favorite menu items there. green owl is the first place i’d ever seen jackfruit on the menu in my life (this was over four years ago), although now it seems to be all the rage in vegan circles. my friend colleen and my husband both just rave about their jackfruit bbq sandwich, which looks to be missing from their current menu… instead they are featuring jackfruit in a carnitas quesadilla, which sounds pretty amazing. in other news, you may recall from yesterday’s post that i have never been a seafood person, but i’ve had green owl’s signature crabby cakes (both the appetizer version and the po’ boy version) and they’re super tasty. the doubly-amazing thing about this is that they also contain mushrooms, which i HATE. in conclusion: green owl crabby cakes are apparently magical.

i also love their tempeh, lettuce, & tomato sandwich (i am a sucker for a good TLT, most especially if there is avocado involved), and they often feature really wonderful vegan soups. oh! green owl is also one of the first restaurants i’d ever seen to feature kale crisps as a side! so good. two things i haven’t tried yet, but i’d like to: the vegan schnitzel (which is supposed to be great), and the new! vegan! nachos! (two versions!). yum, nachos.

okay, i fibbed a little bit earlier, i found ONE picture of food from green owl: this delicious slice of chai cake with vanilla bean frosting. holler!

green owl chai cake

green owl features a bunch of different desserts every day, and they always have plenty of vegan options. i make sure to save room every time, because i never leave a restaurant that serves vegan dessert without ordering one. it’s just not in my nature to deny myself these things.

speaking of which, to make up for the lack of food porn in this post, let me cheat a bit by including one non-green-owl tidbit, also in madison… vegan ice cream from the chocolate shoppe! we have a place in town (babe’s) that carries the same ice cream, so we are spoiled spoiled SPOILED these days with vegan ice cream options, but on a recent trip to madison, i made sure to stop in at the chocolate shoppe to get some ultimate oreo (aka chocolate cookies & cream):

chocolate shoppe ultimate oreo

this is pretty much the biggest “single scoop” i’ve ever been served in my entire life. madison! yay! it’s only 90 minutes away, so we need to schedule a jaunt. and on that note, i’ll leave you with these adorable owls that are always hanging out at the green owl. ❤

green owl owls!



  1. I went there recently! And it was so good, Madison was such a pleasant surprise! I really liked the schnitzel and all of their cakes. A+ yummy even.

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