taco or beer challenge


welp, i skipped posting on friday out of sheer exhaustion and burnout (neither of which are mofo-related; just life-related), so i’m going to make it up by posting a bonus entry today. my friend katie over at the awesome don’t eat off the sidewalk (and also lights camera vegan) tagged me in the taco or beer challenge, and i’m here to make good on a promise.

so! if you haven’t heard of the taco or beer challenge yet (and you haven’t clicked on any of those links i just posted, heh), it’s basically a spinoff of the ice bucket challenge, except with more donations, fewer goofy videos, more pro-choice activism, and 1000% more tacos. woo! the gist of it is: you eat a taco, or drink a beer, or both… and then donate to an abortion fund. that’s it! last night we found ourselves with perfectly-ripe avocados in the house, so erik whipped up a batch of stupendous taco fixings, and we got to it! here’s what mine looked like:

taco or beer challenge

from the bottom up, we’ve got baby spinach, beyond meat crumbles (feisty flavor!), refried black beans, daiya, tomatoes, avocados, and chili lime cholula. YUM. and i don’t drink alcohol, but i still wanted to play along, so i paired my delicious tacos with the always-delightful ginger root beer from zevia:

zevia root beer

root beer counts, right? right. and THEN, because i’m only human, i went back for another taco. i mean, i really couldn’t help myself:

another taco

and finally, after filling my gullet with tacos & root beer, i used the fund abortion now state list, and donated to the women’s medical fund in wisconsin. i read an article about the woman who started this fund a few years back (she’s currently 87 and still being awesome), which i remembered when i was scanning the list of wisconsin funds, so i thought i’d link to that here as well. enjoy!

if you haven’t yet performed the taco or beer challenge but you’d like to do so: please consider yourself tagged!



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