hometown tuesdays – babe’s ice cream


today i’m going to showcase a little ice cream shop in bay view that has been very, very, very nice to milwaukee vegans. babe’s opened a few years ago, and word quickly spread along the vegan grapevine that they carried a couple of vegan flavors. i think back then, they had two vegan ice creams (rotating flavors) and one or two sorbets every day. yippee!

we rewarded them with a bunch of excited purchases, and babe’s responded by continually expanding their vegan offerings. nowadays, they usually have two sorbets and six(!) vegan ice creams (rotating flavors) on any given day, and on top of that they have a bunch of vegan toppings, so you can get vegan sundaes and the whole deal. they carry vegan whipped cream, for crying out loud! they have soymilk, and therefore have vegan shakes!

raspberry nebula shake

ultimate oreo shake

and they readily they advertise their vegan-friendliness, which i ADORE.

babe's window sign

babe's vegan signage

and they have vegan ice cream cakes!! i mean, where can you get vegan ice cream cakes? at babe’s in bay view, that’s where. they also partner with a local vegan bakery (east side ovens) and offer vegan-cookie-ice-cream-sandwiches in the freezer case. they’re enormous and amazing.

and the ice cream, you guys. it’s so very delicious. the vegan flavors in their rotation are: ultimate oreo (aka chocolate cookies & cream), espresso oreo, raspberry nebula (black raspberry ice cream with chocolate bits), butter pecan, plain ol’ chocolate, vanilla chocolate chip, blue raspberry sorbet, watermelon sorbet, cherry sorbet, carrot mango sorbet (which sounds a little weird but is actually extremely tasty)… i could go on, but instead, here’s a bunch of ice cream picspam.

raspberry nebula + butter pecan

ultimate oreo & raspberry nebula

vanilla chocolate chip

raspberry nebula & butter pecan + chocolate

watermelon sorbet

i seriously can’t rave about them enough. it’s a good thing babe’s is 15-20 minutes from my house, because if they were right smack in my neighborhood i’d be made of ice cream from the inside out.



  1. So, I went for it and got a vegan ice cream cake from Babe’s for my birthday. It was so good!! Chocolate cake w/ the raspberry nebula, covered in vegan whipped creme topped with chocolate sauce and vegan brownie bits. OMG.

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