wanderlust wednesdays – bouldin creek el tipico


today for wanderlust wednesdays i decided to perform a daydreaming exercise: if i could be magicked away to anywhere right now, to eat anything, where would i go and what would i pick? to be honest, i didn’t have to deliberate for very long.

my city: austin, texas. and my meal? el tipico at bouldin creek.

i have a well-documented fondness for el tipico. i’ve blogged about it several times, so i’ll just be lazy/obnoxious and link to a couple of those here. and here. but the long and the short of it is: bouldin creek is a restaurant that we first discovered after moving away from austin (sad but true), and when we first visited, we both made a point of ordering breakfasts that involved their rather unusual take on tofu scramble. their scramble is SO GOOD, you guys. and you get can get it in a lot of different dishes, but el tipico is best, because it is comprised of scramble AND breakfast tacos.

el tipico

so you get the delectable scramble (lookit that nooch!), plus lettuce, tomatoes, salsa, and a potato hash cake (so good!), and a little handful of tortillas. perfection. this meal is such a huge favorite of mine that if i am in austin long enough to visit bouldin creek four times, i will order el tipico every. friggin’. time. without fail. i can’t tell you how often i’ve agonized over the menu, thinking i should really try something else, and then ordered el tipico anyway. countless times. thankfully i have a husband who is more adventurous (and generous), so when he gets the awesome stuff that i considered ordering but didn’t, he still lets me taste bites of his meal.

el tipico, i love you. it’s been too long. ❤



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