throwback thursdays – apple cinnamon morning o’s


a few vegan mofos ago (2011 to be exact), i went on a rant about whole foods discontinuing my favorite cereals. at the time, i was accustomed to my daily routine of apple cinnamon morning o’s for breakfast, and i also loved their rainbow rings and cosmic cocos… and yet, whole foods was a jerk and discontinued all three cereals. what the what?! haaate.

sadly, i have had a looong history of being screwed over, cereal-wise. in the pregan days i had many passionate favorites that ended up being cruelly ripped away from me. going way back to my earliest disappointment: marshmallow krispies, in the pink box (not to be confused with fruity marshmallow krispies, in the green box. get real). around that same time, and something i’ve never gotten over: smurfberry crunch. say what you will about novelty cereals, but that shiz was DELICIOUS. later on, it was s’mores grahams, which… ugh, i still get sad thinking about that one. it was basically golden grahams smothered with cocoa and paired with tiny marshmallows. those things got me through middle school. skipping ahead quite a bit, in grad school i discovered (and became enamored with) oreo o’s… which are pretty much exactly what they sound like. don’t judge me.

ANYWAY, the point is, i like my cereal sweet, and i tend to fall in love with cereals that aren’t loved with quite the same amount of fervor by the rest of america. whatever. they don’t know what’s good.

so after this latest travesty of whole foods discontinuing not one, not two, but three of my favorites, i was somewhat at a loss. erik is really, really into cereal himself (but we don’t always agree on which ones are the best ones), so he continued buying his standard rotation of seven different kinds, and i sort of went off cereal a little bit… until one day, when he brought these home, and i decided to try them. now, historically i haven’t really been into cocoa krispies (which probably sounds weird, given my penchant for sweet cereals and my devotion to all things chocolate), but i decided to throw caution to the wind and see what these were like:

cocoa snapz

don’t let the rather different packaging fool you; these are exactly the same cereal inside. these two brands have the same parent company, so the box (or bag) you see in your store will depend entirely on what store you’re in at the time. the bagged version (three sisters) is sold exclusively at whole foods; the boxed version (mom’s best) is sold elsewhere. anyhow, same difference. i have a slight preference for the bag, because cocoa snapz is a hilarious name and i love saying it. anyhow, these things are amazeballs. i mean, better than any other cocoa krispie-type cereal i have ever tried in my life. the weird (and maybe magical?) thing about them is that they’re totally flat:

cocoa snapz

i’m not sure if that helps with their texture once the milk hits them, but they don’t get mushy in 3 seconds like others i’ve tried, and they’re also super chocolatey, which is a bonus in my book. i fell in love with them pretty much instantly, and they have now become my morning standard. yay! on days when i want something a little more substantial, i just add a piece of sourdough toast with peanut butter to the mix. so, so good.

cocoa snapz

so anyhow, i’m still a little peeved at whole foods for snatching away my goods, but at least i have this new tasty treat to console me. all hail cocoa snapz!



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